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  1. Hi MourningStar,
    thanks for kindly offering your friendship. I was rather surprised, cause I rarely provided any information about me, one or two comments beside regularly visiting CT. So what can I say: born 1955 in the region of Cologne, Germany, and still living there, I listened to popmusic since 1964 (Beatles, Stones, Who, and what else was in the sixties charts), digging Hendrix very late, from early 1970 on, maybe because my older brother liked him, while I was more Beatles addicted, I don't know. My brother also saw Hendrix at the Cologne gig 1969, I never did. I started playing guitar and joined some amateur cover bands, and recently still have fun to play loose gigs with friends at some of the many session locations we have in the region. That' it for now, maybe we'll have some good conversations, looking forward it.
    Kind regards, HenLenWil
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