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  1. Oh good lord no I am not in Rochester, I moved to NYC at the end of 2006, met a new and great woman been with her since 2007. New merge? What's Vibe been up to lately? The blue skies are good but now they are the Virgin Skies, yes I work for Virgin America now and it's been ok, a job is better than no job.
  2. Im good! You still in Rochester? Hows things in the blue skies? Good to hear from ya.
    STay tuned in a couple of weeks theres a new merge on CTT.
    Cheers m8!
  3. Hey man, sorry I did not see this message. ow are you doing? I am well. What is new my friend?
  4. Yo johnny! fokn hell i never fully recovered from those donuts you fondled with.lmfao.
    how r ya m8?
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