Crosstown Torrents FAQ

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FFP and MD5

All seeds must include either st5 checksums or FLAC fingerprints. Crosstown Torrents is dedicated to making sure that audio files can be traded and verified as acoustically identical to the original seed. For this reason, all FLAC seeds must include a FLAC fingerprint and all SHN/APE seeds must include st5 checksums (also called shntool md5s). Please note that the traditional "wholefile" md5 checksums generated by mdsummer, mkwact, etc are NOT ACCEPTABLE. TLH and xACT will create all these types of checksums, but you must pick the appropriate type in the dropdown/selection area.

Info Files

All seeds must include a text file with complete recording information, including bands, dates, venues, lineages, and setlists. Please include as much information as you know. Any additional notes, reviews, band members, etc are desirable but at a bare minimum you must have a band title, venue/date, lineage and an accurate setlist included as part of your text file and the information should also be included in the thread. Any items missing this information may be deleted from our tracker.

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