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1966  1966  11-11-66
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    Re: 1966
    5 or 24 January 1967 : http://www.jimihendrix-lifelines.net...-92/index.html London - Interviews [according to the Johnny Black book for Rave magazine].Bill Wyman claimed in his book Stone Alone that he attended a Jimi Hendrix concert this day [in London?] and that he saw another Hendrix concert a few days after, but he's got his dates mixed up (see 11 January).London W1, 1 D'Arblay Street, "The George" (pub) - JHE photo call with unknown photographer.[Please note: Univibes magazine issue 58, dates this session to 24 January 1967.]http://www.jimihendrix-lifelines.net/photos-11/photos-18/photos-16/index.html

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