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JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)

Added by NickL
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by NickL
jh la forum 69  JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)  jh la 69
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  Description for JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)

Description by NickL


Revised version of image uploaded by jhendrixfanatic. used new techniques to lessen contrast + reveal colours of jimi's shirt/jeans.

Comments for JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev) (4)

  1. #1 expchasm
    Re: JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)
    No offense, but I really prefer the original upload.. This one is far to noisy and grainy. Editing JPEGs can be very problematic. There's only a small amount of leeway for any adjustments and everything has its trade off. A much better method would be to photograph the photo in RAW format with a high quality camera. The RAW format has considerably more room for such adjustments, but I do understand that doing this method is not always possible. I have done photo edits myself but not very many, I prefer to have the original image 'as is' as it is a historical document of sorts of its own. I am a professional photographer and have an idea of what I am talking about. PEACE!
  2. #2 NickL
    Re: JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)
    Hello expchasm. thanks for your comments. however I think my intentions may have been misunderstood. as with the sound files shared here, its possible to share many different contemporary versions of work by and about JH. what I was doing with this image was attempting to reduce the contrast and introduce grain in place of the low resolution jagginess that many images of Jimi sourced via internet searches, have as their characteristic.
    RAW would be ideal of course or TIFF but that's probably a bit too much to hope - as any high resolution pics now have such high commerical value.
    I'm offering a different choice to members. Its fine to prefer the original upload as it is to prefer official albums over collections of album takes. All about choices and interpretations.
    and BTW I'm a professional photographer too. not that it matters here. and I also know what I'm talking about.
  3. #3 expchasm
    Re: JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)
    Ah.. I didn't realize your intent here. I'm just so bent on keeping the photos the way they are not matter how crappy some of them can be.
  4. #4 NickL
    Re: JH La Forum 1969 2 (rev)
    I think thereís a wider point to be made here and not just to the last poster.
    thereís a very creative side to being part of this community. as people who have a strong and most likely (like me) a life-long interest in Jimi and his legacy, there are many ways his work can be kept alive.

    for me, aside from access to newly shared/discovered archive recordings shared by fans, there are also super fans e.g. Funkydrummer and others, who create new hand crafted merges of existing material. sometimes this involves changing the pitch of music where tapes have stretched or been copied with errors. a lot of the time it involves using skill, judgement and craft to create something entirely new thatís worthy of Jimiís memory.

    as odd as it may seem to those who are less interested in photos of Jimi, the same holds true of still images. contemporary (to Jimi) prints or polaroids or slides which have been badly stored and exposed to light & heat (especially colour images) all fade and reveal much less now than their makers at the time intended.
    also photos which were never intended for permanent display may have been processed at the local chemist/drug store and so maybe havenít fared as well as the work of professional photographers.

    my aim, with most of the photos Iíve uploaded is to build upon the collecting work of other fans and use my skills in photo restoration to restore, especially in the case of colour images, more of the natural colours of the original situation where its possible to restore them.
    sometimes it s guesswork, sometimes thereís a colour clue within the image that makes it easier to re-align the other colours. a lot of the time itís creating a more realistic white balance for the situation shown.

    in either case, Iím trying to NOT create any images that are deliberately garish or that draw attention to to the techniques - just to create nice natural looking images. my only weakness, as some may have spotted, is that coming from a film background I do tend to add a little grain texture to my images. mostly to counteract the jagginess/ugliness of some digital photos!

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