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album art

Added by uncle carmi
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album art  album art  album art
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  1. #1 Nonnie
    Re: album art
    WRONG DATE...JULY 30TH,1970!
  2. #2 uncle carmi
    Re: album art
    I will change that right up. I don't know why for the life of me it says July 1st.
  3. #3 Nonnie
    Re: album art
    Ok man...you're doing a great job...that's for sure!
  4. #4 uncle carmi
    Re: album art
    Thank you. Many of these I've had for a couple years. But I'm using a free Mac Paint App that really doesn't allow you to do much. There's a lot of limitations. But I've found some really tricky ways to cut and paste, some pictures in half and resemble them and all kinds of methods to find ways to make them work. Some of these would make Alan Douglas envious lol.
  5. #5 Nonnie
    Re: album art
    Great Job...especially using the photographs that where made at the concerts
  6. #6 uncle carmi
    Re: album art
    Take a look at the album art section if you haven't already. There's tons and tons of cover art I posted.

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