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Aged 4 or 5, my elder brother informed me that Santa Claus was a myth. I asked my Dad if Jesus and all that nativity stuff was also a 'story'. He replied that no-one really knows but he thinks it was real. After this had sunk in, I then asked "is God also a 'story'"? He replied again that no-one really knows. This was quite a revelation. :-)

Aged 9yrs I became fascinated with diaries of combatants from WW1. Both my grandfathers served and were injured (paternal grandfather at the Battles of Mons & maternal one at the Somme or Ypres, I think). http://grandadswar.mrallsophistory.com/files/Cpl%20Crookes%20Account.pdf
I was most fascinated with the air pilots & curiously Verner Voss (German pilot) was my favourite and became a sort of hero to me, (curiously because I'm English). I even wanted to become a fighter-pilot aged 10 and a school was chosen to enable me to get the appropriate qualifications and cadet experience. But then my eye-sight started to deteriorate (hereditary: both father and paternal-grandfather wore glasses). Good thing though, as I turned pacifist and vegan aged 13 so shooting and bombing people from the air isn't really my style now.

Then on to Art College. But I really wanted to be a ROCK STAR/musician/guitarist and spent almost every waking minute for a few years working on song ideas, lyrics, thinking about our band. But ...of course that never happened. So then the usual: followed an eastern guru, renounced the world, sold all my guitars and equipment and records to get an airfare to India, spent a few years in bum-jobs getting enough money to go back to India for half the year, etc., etc.
Then I got a regular job, marriage, children.
And then in my late forties start re-buying instruments, records and playing in a band again. Life is so circular!

I am interested in diet and nutrition; philosophy; musical improvisation; human foibles; the future; the past (history); the ever elusive here and now; reminiscing; cogitating; woffling on-and-on in on-line discussion group, exploring the link between mind and matter, looking at the stars, etc., etc
Diet, music, guitars, internet, history, yoga, meditation


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