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german1988 Member   07-17-08 0 03-31-09 11:07 AM         
Gern Member   05-06-17 0 05-06-17 05:08 PM         
gerogemartin37 Member   07-27-11 0 07-29-11 12:10 AM         
Geronimo Member   11-12-08 1 02-13-11 09:24 AM         
Gerrit06 Member   03-10-15 0 03-12-15 01:29 PM         
GerryO Member   01-20-10 0 03-05-17 06:54 PM         
GerryOZ Member   07-09-13 0 06-23-14 12:22 AM         
gers69 Member   10-17-14 0 10-17-14 02:05 PM         
gersracing Member Visit gersracing's homepage! 09-27-11 1 05-17-14 06:05 PM     GERS RACING PART I PRIVILEGE Not since the days of Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy, Dio and Deep Purple has an album exploded onto the charts. GERS RACING ‘Part I Privilege’ is such a masterpiece with great vocals and music. The Consolidated Webster Encyclopedic Reference Dictionary defines the term ‘privilege’ as “a right or an advantage of other individuals and persons beyond the common advantages of other normal individuals.” “It’s an honor to free me, an honor to see me, an honor to be me.” Paul Jones From the movie “Privilege” Prologue: In the mid-60’s there was a bizarre quasi commentary on life, freedom, religion and the will to be one’s self sprinkled amidst the swinging life of London circa 1984. It was a preview of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Tommy”, “Performance”, “The Devils” all rolled into one, na´ve chaotic ball of confusion. It depicted the future of how a mere mortal can be manipulated into a puppet by the people. God and love (or lack of it). The movie was made in 1965. The plot is happening now. GERS RACING PERSONNEL ELLINGTON ERIN (lead singer) Used to be Sal Mineo’s houseboy. Moved on to the Broadway production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Off and on Broadway for two years. Born in St. Louis. Moved at an early age and discovered it was a privilege to know Jesus. On Valentine’s Day 2010 decided to quit Gers Racing, got down on his knees and knew it was an honor to be free. Unlike the Stephen Shorter of Privilege fame Erin had gained the privilege he had lost momentarily. Former groups Siddhartha, Children of God. GERS [bass guitar, harp (harmonica), songwriter, backing vocals and engineer] Awarded gold albums with Warner Bros., Polydor, Barclay and Track Records. Recorded with Jimi Hendrix on 'Cry of Love' album. Mainstay of group, 'Umble yet 'eavy. 'Bass Player of the gods'. Born in Southern England. Picked up music from the womb. Avid blues recrd collector (2,000 blues LP's). Acquired his first harmonica at age 4 at a Rockaway Playland penny arcade near the beach. Practiced 14 hours a day until his mouth bled. Gers was the first and last mod Bohemian blues rocker from the Village. Played and jammned with Dylan, Lovin' Spoonful, Cream, James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Jimmy James & the Flames, Jimi Hendrix, among others. Split to England, met up with Jimi again and recorded several albums with him, the most famous "Cry of Love". When Jimi left us, formed group with Mitch Mitchell, played Speakeasy, Roundhouse Country Club, Marquee, etc. 3 - Piece Power Band. Then Played with Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall Smith, Chris Farlowe, Buddy Miles, Felix Parpalardi and Elvin Bishop. Gers then made the organic scene in Mill Valley where-he teamed up with the S.F. Sound Makers, Boz Skaggs, Bishop, John Mayall, etc. Split to Jamaica, learned beats mon, and came back reggae oriented with a ska bass beat unduplicated by none. Gers, a living legend, surviving 2 near fatal car crashes, from the Fillmore West to Surrey England. Goal in life: to be one of the privileged. TIM GEDEMER (lead guitar) Born and raised in the Valley (sun and death). Picked up an $18 guitar after seeing Dylan in “Don’t Look Back”. Idolized his older brother (lead singer) who died on a motorcycle. Jumped into the L.A. session scene—played with nearly everyone—Spirit, R&B, Seeds, you name it he played it. Spent summers in mountains, winters in studios. “Better acoustics in caves.” Self made man pursued own career. “Metronome of group”. Keeps Gers Racing honest, but watch out for shady brown eyes. BRUCE GINSBERG (drummer, backing vocals) “Mr. Personality”. Born in N.Y.C. moved to Duluth. A stones throw away from Dylan. Left at 2 for sunny California for health reasons (mental). Musical and art background, also dabbled in the clothing (mod) racket. Played for Motown, Atlantic and Roulette Records. Sex symbol of group looks good in red, hot fiery ala guitar riffs. Adventures in England—gigged with local blokes, Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, etc. Bruce: (Big Fat & Lovely) “GERS RACING auditioned 200 drummers, Gers played his first riff and I’ve been chasing him ever since. The industry will be privileged.” www.gersracing.comHollywood, Ca.Shaolin Kung-FuMusician/Race Car Driver
gespacho Member   02-03-08 0 03-30-08 11:38 AM     songwriter/ salesmanindianapolis, indianamusicsales
Gestalt Deschain Member   07-04-14 0 07-04-14 11:41 AM         
Getback69 Member   12-20-15 1 02-05-17 11:23 PM         
geterz23 Member   12-20-10 0 12-20-10 04:14 AM geterz23's Avatar       
getmanolox Member   03-12-11 0 03-12-11 05:01 AM         
Getter Member   07-25-09 0 07-25-09 05:50 PM         
Gfjgfjjgfjf Gjhgjhjfh Member   03-15-13 0 03-15-13 12:04 PM         
gforce99ale Member   05-22-08 0 05-24-08 12:35 AM gforce99ale's Avatar   married, male music collector, new to Jimi, love blues, rock, Beatles, Stones, Kinks, WhoSeattle, WAmusic, cooking, home brewing, nature photographyPsychiatrist- better living through chemistry!
gfreida1jacobsf Member   09-25-10 0 09-25-10 08:08 PM         
gfrothe47 Member   4 Weeks Ago 0 2 Weeks Ago 07:09 PM         
ggaldor Member   07-18-10 0 07-18-10 11:28 PM         
ggnabasik Member   05-22-08 0 12-07-08 10:55 AM         
GGYOUNG Member   07-28-10 0 07-28-10 06:27 AM         
ghagibor Member   04-13-11 0 04-13-11 12:02 PM         
Ghazan Marwat Member   10-30-11 0 12-26-11 02:05 AM         
ghibliss Member   10-04-09 0 03-23-13 04:05 PM         
ghoraciomayeri Member   10-18-10 0 10-18-10 11:05 AM         
Ghost Member   02-13-11 0 12-16-12 07:31 PM         
ghostface Member   09-15-09 0 01-07-10 01:07 PM         
ghostof Member   06-05-09 1 06-05-09 04:13 PM         
ghostryder14 Member   04-22-15 0 05-09-15 05:05 AM         
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