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hellwood Member   10-29-08 0 07-04-18 12:11 AM hellwood's Avatar The Harsh Carpets original members are Cameron "Hellwood" Wellwood (guitar/vox), Todd "Longstockings" Nosek (drums), and "Racer" Dave Tenhouten. (bass) Hellwood met Todd in the summer of '92 when Hell auditioned for a super-cheesy band. That eventually fell apart and Hellwood and Todd started their own band. Meanwhile while pillaging porn stars, "Racer" decided to put his pants on and join the band. Within weeks THC played their first show on 2/17/95 at The Malibu Inn. It went well, so on 3/3/95 they were expected to fill a 4 hour slot (about 48 or so songs). The Inn was happy, so THC was asked to play weekly. After a couple shows at 14 Below on 3/6/95 and 3/15/95, a ripping and very memorable show at the Cobalt Cafe 3/18/95, and one last show at the Inn on 3/25/95, Todd unexpectedly quit the band. THC had only played 7 shows. Shannon "Shogun" Winters, an old high school friend of Hellwood's got on the drums and THC was back! 14 Below 6/20/95, The Malibu Inn 7/8/95, The Cock & Bull 7/19/95, 14 Below 7/25/95, and The Malibu Inn 7/29/95, The Main Line Brewing Co. opened its doors and needed a band, so THC tore it up 7/30/95 and then again 8/6/95. The Malibu Inn 8/19/95, Cobalt Cafe 8/31/95, The Malibu Inn 9/3/95, Amazon 9/7/95, and The Malibu Inn 10/7/95 were the last shows until.... The most popular show of all was at the American Pie on 10/20/95 w/ Maximum Strength. It was also the last. It was nearly 10 years later when the original band members would play another show. By then The Malibu Inn was sold and it was no longer a "locals only" swashbuckling saloon . The times had changed and the only cool place left in town was The Dume Room and that is where THC made their comeback on 3/12/04. The next stop was The Joint 3/28/04 as well as a couple shows at The Dume Room 4/10/04 and 5/15/04. A raging BBQ at the "Hellhole" 6/12/04, The Pearl Dragon 8/7/04 and The Dume Room 9/3/04 was the beginning of the end. Things were looking good until Dave's second kid was due. THC played their last shows on 9/11/04 at Richard Evan's Major Rager in Topanga and The Pearl Dragon 9/25/04. There was no replacement in sight for Dave. With upcoming shows and the ball rolling, THC was not about to give up. They did 5 more shows w/ no bassist and then a random miracle happened. An ad for a surfboard for sale brought a creative, highly skilled, supercool bassist right to the epicenter. It was 10/29/05 when Jordan "Newms" Newman played his first show. Things were better than ever w/ this maniac ripping melodic and rhythmic solos on command! The closest of friends and fans all agreed that THC never sounded better. It was at a Halloween keg party where THC unleashed a fury on unsuspecting partiers to test themselves for their first gig 11/12/05 at The Dume Room w/ a band called Sindicate. Next, THC shared The Pearl Dragon with Mike and Shannon (Black Train)*12/17/05 and it was nuts!*2006 shows...The Cat Club 1/28/06, The Dume Room 2/10/06, a raging show at The Pearl Dragon w/ Seedyside 3/11/06, The Riverbottom w/ Swig 3/23/06, and The Pearl Dragon w/ Bad Influence 4/15/06. Rusty's Surfranch 5/12/06 was a blast!!! The SM pier attracts a lot of spectators ready to party! Summer brought the usual freaks to the Dume Room 6/24/06. A 64 year old drunk out of an irish spring commercial told THC to change their beat and "bang, bang, bang is not good" at Rusty's 7/21/06,*and then the Dume Room 8/5/06 was the last show w/ Newms because he quit. One phone call was all it took. THC had a replacement (bassist) within a day! What were the odds? Pat was given a CD and one rehearsal and they tore the Dume Room up! 10/7/06. Next stop was Yannick's Halloween party 10/28/06 where the haunted house featured a sawzall powered dildo that scared most of the women. Pat was MIA and THC got there late because they had a prior gig backing "Rambob's" reggae band "Babakazah". THC went on at 11pm and 10 neighbors were freaking within minutes. It was LOUD!! The pigs were there 3 songs later and were in no mood for "Rampart Cop". Breaking news!!...a tragic day in Malibu...The Dume Room closed down due to a new selfish asshole property owner (Zan Marquis) who doesn't care about what's important to Malibu's music / social scene! With one week warning and Pat nowhere to be found, THC managed to get Ken Waco (Maximum Strength) on bass and played The Dume Room's last show 12/1/06 with several other bands. It was a magical night nobody who was there will ever forget! "The Death of the Dume Room", is now on Charter Cable as well as the latest creation "The Harsh Carpets Live in '95 at the Malibu Inn" Another bassist (Ben) stepped in to save the day for Rusty's Battle of the Bands 1/19/07 which turned out to be a joke! Then THC was offered a show at the Riverbottom 1/27/07 which Hellwood had to do by himself. All hell broke loose as everything that could go wrong did and then some. The small crowd was scared to blink because they might miss the disaster as it unfolded exponentially. It was so fucked, raw, and spontaneous that the small crowd really enjoyed the lesson on 101 ways to sabotage a gig! Longstockings moved on to bigger and better things and despite the painful loss, Hellwood briefly continued to struggle on a solo mission performing LIVE and delivering as if this fucked up world was ending tomorrow! With Malipalooza 2007 on the horizon, Richard Evan's Memorial Day BBQ was a perfect place to suffer through a set without a band. It was nearly a year later when Mario Vitale returned to LA to host a Dume Room Reunion at the Malibu Inn on 6/14/08 when the latest lineup was back in action. With Tommy "salami" on bass and Sebastian on drums, the potential was obvious. Clout Surf Shop had a party on 6/21/08 and THC was all over it! The next day was the 2nd annual Malipalooza 2008 and it turned out to be a kick ass show! Sebastian's drum solo was so heavy, Hellwood's amp head fell off of the speaker cabinet and went tumbling onto the stage. Tommy split to NY for school. With Tommy in NY and Malibu's Chili Cook-off '08 to deal with, THC got a Malibu local named Craig on the bass and took care of business. Tommy came back so THC played with SWIG at Mr. B's 3/20/09 in Burbank and Gina B. told them that they had enough time to play 2 songs. Obviously that was a joke, so THC spazzed and picked the most technical song to play first and despite technical difficulties leading to the edge of panic, it had moments that were undeniably creative. If you believe in cosmic bullshit and all the stars aligning or whatever, 3/21/09 had it all! Clout Rideshop had the BIGGEST RAGER anyone in Malibu has seen in years and The Harsh Carpets delivered! Everybody had the time of their lives and it was a night that people will be talking about for years. Muckfest was cool 5/17/09! Topanga Days 5/24/09 was intense on the new Underground Stage. THC only had 45 minutes of family-friendly material prepared but since the next band flaked, they played a 1:33:00 set and had to improvise. Even though there were stupid mistakes here and there, there were some of the best recorded live material ever captured which will be added to the ever evolving anthology cd. THC even snuck in 3 punk songs which had the hippies running into the brush for cover. As miserable as The Cat Club 6/18/09 was, The Malibu Chili Cook-off 9/5/09 was its equal opposite. THC was honored to headline the last show at this location. Then on 9/19/09, "Lucky", the drummer of the Circle Jerks had THC play his party on Broad Beach, and the cops tried to stop the fun as usual after some freaked out jams. THC got thrown under the bus at both The Air Conditioned Supper Club 4/8/10 and The Venice Bistro 5/1/10, but luckily Topanga Days was around the corner to relieve the suffering on 5/31/10.malibupissing off old ladies with PUNK and pissing off punk ass kids with JAZZ 
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