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  1. Re: 1967-11-10, Bussum, Netherlands (Hoepla recordings)

    I most heartily second this request for a seeder to please help us out...thank you. Also, thanks very much jerry1970 for this fabulous looking post!
  2. Power Vision - Pop Gallery (1998 German language documentary)

    If anyone who has downloaded this DVD posted by dajchance is able to re-seed for a bit, I will keep it going. Thanks in advance if someone can help:

  3. Re: 1968-02-03 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USA (2nd source, 24-bit)

    Many thanks for this 24bit version dajchance!
  4. Re: 1970-05-02 Madison [FD Stereo Merge and Cleanup]

    As always, thanks very much FD for your amazing contributions. A huge round of thanks as well to everyone @ CTT for keeping these posts seeded. I'm on my 5th page of 16bit audio and virtually every...
  5. Re: 1968-02-17 'Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX'

    I'll second that. Thanks to Ganoosh for the original seed.

    Also, thanks very much funkydrummer for posting your cleanup version and all your
    hard work...much appreciated!
  6. Re: Band of Gypsys 1969-12-31 1st Show [funkydrummer cleanup] Minus Official

    Thank you funkydrummer for all your hard work on this one. Also, many
    thanks for re-posting the missing track @ MEGA, worked perfect.
  7. Re: The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1968-9-14 Hollywood Bowl 1st Gen. New Transfer

    I would be interested to know why this was banned as well. Was there an issue with the file set?
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    Re: The End of CTT For The General Public???

    Right on Roland Stone, it is indeed exciting to see CTT up and running again.
    Thanks so much Pat for renewing the domain name and keeping things going!
  9. Re: 1970-07-30 Maui (Maui Hawaii LP 96kHz/24bit transfer)

    Thank you for this zepster and a HUGE thank you to hawkfan for getting the site up and running again.
  10. Re: 1969-05-03 - Jimi Hendrix - Busted in Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Thank you hood for sharing and a big thanks to Hawkfan for originally posting this in 2008.
  11. Re: 1968-02-28, The Scene, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

    Thank you so much...never heard this show. I second tombstone's request for a seeder please. Thank you in advance if anyone can help us out.
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    Re: MCP-VA24 Watch Out For Your Ears NTSC DVD

    Thanks MCP for this new transfer! Looking forward to your re-transfers as well...much appreciated.
  13. Re: The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2-24-1969 K. Max Vers

    Thank you Pat!
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    Re: 1970-09-04 Berlin [funkydrummer cleanup]

    Thanks as well for the cleanup on this show and to jerry1970 for confirming the tracker is down. I thought it was on my end and re-set my pass-key to no avail. :distress:
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    Re: Band Of Gypsys - Bob Terry Tape #17

    Thanks so much Pat & Charlie for these great Bob Terry tapes! beer3
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    Re: Swedish Castle Magic - ATM 229

    Thanks Pat for posting this so quickly...much appreciated! beer2
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    Re: ATM 229 Swedish Castle Magic

    I searched the torrents, but could not find this one. Would someone be able to please seed ATM-229 Swedish Castle Magic? Thanks in advance! :beer:
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    Re: Stora Scenen, 8/31/70 B&W video

    Many thanks for sharing kurher! :thayou219bl:
  19. Re: 9/7/68 Jimi and Mitch Interview, Vancouver, B.C., Canada DVD

    Thank you!
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