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  1. 1967-05-02 UK Record shops, Track Records release Are You Experienced L.P.

    Friday 2 May 1967. No gig
    UK record shops.
    Track Records release their first LP (mono only), ‘Are You Experienced’ by ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’, Track 612001, [Produced by] ‘Yameta’ [published...
  2. 1967-03-21 Radio Luxembourg, Villa Louvigny Studios, Lux. Interviews

    Tuesday 21 March 1967. No gig
    Luxembourg City, Radio Luxembourg, Villa Louvigny studios.
    JHE. Three interviews (one live, two taped). The first one went out live in the afternoon (probably during...
  3. 1967-03-17 UK, UK record shops, Track Records release Purple Haze single

    Friday 17 March 1967
    UK Record Shops
    The first disc on the new Track Records label was released, the 7” 45 single Purple Haze b/w 51st Anniversary 604001 (mono only) in a white paper sleeve, 1st...
  4. 1967-03-02 Radio Bremen TV at The Marquee, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, England

    Thursday 2 March 1967. No gig.
    London W1, The Marquee, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, England. JHE
    Two songs with introductions by DJ (rehearsal), followed by repeat (for broadcast). Live B&W TV...
  5. 1967-03-07 Waterloo, Universal Video, Belgium.

    Tuesday 7 March 1967. No gig
    Waterloo, Universal Video, Belgium. JHE.
    09:30 The group leave the Hotel Central, Place de la Bourse, Brussels.
    B&W TV recordings for the Belgian BRT (Flemish) TV...
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    Saturday 4 March 1967.
    Paris, Paris 1, 'Europe 1' radio studio, 26 rue François 1er.
    JHE radio interview (possibly a live broadcast - unconfirmed).

    Alain Dister: "At the studio they let Jimi...
  7. 1967-02-21 unknown location, London. ' 4 new numbers'. Rehearsal.

    Tuesday 21 February 1967
    London, unknown location. JHE

    Noel: “Rehearsal of four new numbers.”

    London W1, Anim office, 39 Gerrard Street, Soho JHE
    Group interviews for New Musical Express...
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    Re: 1967-02-03 Olympic Studios

    Friday 3 February 1967
    Olympic Sound Studios, London. JHE
    Noel was probably using Chas’ four-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    12:00 to 17:00 , overdubs 17:00 to 19:00
    Producer: Chas Chandler
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    Re: 1967-01-11 De Lane Lea Studios

    Not according to JMcD & Kramer;) They only said the previous master was reworked and overdubbed etc. on 3-Feb-67
  10. Re: 1967-06-04 The Saville Theater, London, England

    Howard ‘H’ Parker (then a JHE roady): “The best concerts, I think, he ever gave in England were the Saville Theatre concerts. The Saville Theatre was owned by Brian Epstein, eh, and it was more or...
  11. Re: 1969-06-27 Henry Levitt Arena, Wichita, Kansas *Canceled*

    Friday 27 June 1969
    Wichita, Henry Levitt Arena, KS.

    27 No gig, Los Angeles. No gigs previous six nights, Los Angeles.
    Noel: “I hung about killing time. David 'Lord'...
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    1969-05-13 Record Plant, New York

    Tuesday 13 May 1969
    Record Plant, New York City
    Jimi - guitar, Sean [surname?] – guitar, [unknown] - bass, [unknown] - congas
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix
    Engineer: Bob Hughes

    Keep On Grooving...
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    Re: Michael Frank Jeffery (1933-1973)

    Fillmore East, May 68, maybe?
  14. 1969-04-15 The Scene Club, New York City. Rehearsal

    Tuesday 15 April 1969
    The Scene Club, New York City.

    Noel has "15,16 Recording and rehearsal with Experience" in his book. Don't know where Glebeek got 'The Scene Club" as the location from?...
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    Re: 1967-07-29 Mayfair, New York

    The 'Jim' hendrix experience, doesn't have quite the same 'ring' to it;)
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    Tuesday 3 August 1970 (or 2nd)
    Lahaina, Jimi’s rented house (likely), Island of Maui, HI.
    Jimi flew from Oahu to Maui for a holiday. Between 3 and 13, he records himself, on guitar and vocal onto...
  17. 1969-03-15 Record Plant, New York City. Blue Window

    Saturday 15 March 1969 Record Plant, New York City. No gig
    Buddy Miles Express
    Jimi–guitar, Jim McCarty-guitar, Duane Hitchings-organ, Billy Rich-bass, Buddy Miles-drums, James Tatum& Bobby...
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    Re: The Hendrix Auction Thread

    I would love to see the details of the agreement, but not at that price;)
  19. 1961-XX-XX ? Vancouver, unknown venue, Canada


    Ken Kesey was also at Stanford (like Ginsberg), but was given his LSD at Menlo Park veterans hospital in Palo Alto. They (separately) took part as paid guinea pigs to take mind altering drugs...
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    Alan Douglas on Jimi's songwriing

    One of the few times AD said anything I agree with, although I would have said 'many' rather than 'most', the bit about hits doesn't bear too much scrutiny and the last bit’s a tad garbled;):

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    Re: The Hendrix Auction Thread

    lyrics to room full of mirrors written on verso of 3 Scene Club promo cards

    there's also a couple photos from George's Club 20
  22. Re: 1970-01-01 The Fillmore East Auditorium, New York USA

    Thursday 01 January 1970
    New York City, The Fillmore East, 105 Second Avenue/6th Street, New York, U.S.A. BOGs
    Two shows at 19:30 and 21:00
    Support: Voices of East Harlem
    Promoter: Bill Graham...
  23. Sticky: Re: The 'Official' "I saw Jimi Hendrix in concert" Thread

    So, where's this film, I'm sure we are all wondering;)
  24. Re: "Until We Meet Again : The Last Weeks Of Jimi Hendrix"

    Pertinent observation on 'legal' drugs, sadly we can now also add Michael Jackson and Prince to the list. You missed Bon Scott;). No doubt a few more could be added to the list.
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    Re: Harlem interview from Associated Press

    Is this transcript the complete audio, is there more?:

    Wednesday 3 September 1969
    New York City, Frank’s Restaurant, Harlem, New York. USA
    United Block Association press conference

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