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  1. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    The image link is certainly working now and I'd have to say that the image on the Left (Kurts' current one) is far more "Natural" and "Believable" than the washed out image on the right.
    It does not...
  2. Re: Royal Albert Hall Jan,24, 1969 DVD 2016 re-edit

    Completed, Thank you.
  3. Re: Royal Albert Hall Jan,24, 1969 DVD 2016 re-edit

    Excellent, Thank you, yes, I probably should sign up... Not just now...
    Torrent is loaded and tanking down at a good lick, I hope it didn't sound like I was moaning or ungrateful.
    I really do...
  4. Re: Royal Albert Hall Jan,24, 1969 DVD 2016 re-edit

    Fine if you are prepared to let mega store files on your computer AND register an account with them.
    If not you'll get nothing.
    Thank you for the thought anyway.
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    Re: "Sunrise, Sunset"

    Another one that seems to have been stalled for a while. It would be nice to have a seed for this one please.
    Thank you for aLL the Jimi that is shared here.
  6. Re: Bouton Rouge very short clips of Purple Haze & Wild Thing at Gaumont cinema 67

    I've managed to get this to 67.9%, if anyone can resurrect this torrent by completing it after 7 years it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for aLL that is shared here.
  7. Re: One Inch Masters II: A Sea Of Forgotten Teardrops

    Does anyone know the score on this one, please ?

    I'm getting "Failure: unregistered torrent pass"

    No seeder

    1 peer (uTorrent Mac 1.8.7) who has given me 1 piece (DHT is enabled on this).
  8. Thread: ..

    by shnfoobar

    Re: Jimi Hendrix - This Flyer (New Scorpio release)

    This is already here

    uploaded by tallboy333 on 2008-08-30
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    Re: Jimi Hendrix - Unsurpassed Masters

    Have now managed to get this to 42%... The tracker's up... a finish off would be greatly appreciated, Thank you aLL.

    COMPLETED, Thank you, if you're looking for a reseed just pm me if I'm not...
  10. Re: 1968-05-10 Fillmore East 1st show - RH WT only

    Wait for the tracker to come on-line to get this one, Thank you
  11. Re: 1968 The Scene Club NYC with Jim Morrison

    I would tend to treat any "Castle Communications" release as official :

    "The now-defunct Castle Communications issued it as Bleeding Heart...
  12. Re: 1968 The Scene Club NYC with Jim Morrison

    This looks like it's .mp3@320kbs ?
    Don't hold me to it but I know this as 1968-03-07 The Scene Club, New York, NY
    I also used to have this album on red vinyl.
  13. Re: 1969 Live Collection Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    Yep, That works for me, Thanks for the fix and I'm on it starting from 17%
  14. Re: 1969 Live Collection Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    The tracker is down at present. I do magnet links quite often but can't get this one to load.

    See later in this thread for the Fix (Thank you J.Lucas).
  15. Re: Winterland, October '68 (Bob Terry's tracks missing from EH release) - Flac

    Anyone else not getting a torrent file to download here ?

    Just getting this message "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"

    Ah ! Link...
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    Re: 1969-01-10 - Rabalder I Teateret

    Whoever you are, Thank you for keeping this alive by seeding.
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    Re: 1969-01-08 Lorensberg Cirkus Sweden

    My point exactly ! For that torrent "DHT, Local peer discovery and Peer exchange are NOT ALLOWED" and the CCT tracker is down at present.
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    Re: 1969-01-08 Lorensberg Cirkus Sweden

    This torrent file has these 2 tracker announces :


    I manually added the CTT
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    Re: Jazz stuff (STG 022)

    I second that "Thanks",

    For those that read this and Haven't completed... Let's hope the tracker kicks in for you soon.
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    Re: Healing Power (ATM 072-073)

    I'm trying to get past 29% on this one . Can anyone help, please.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Room Full of World Travellers [Mashup]

    Great stuff, such generosity, and single files rather than torrent is fine by me especially considering their (small) size. Thank you.
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    Re: Singer Bowl 1968 - Raw Source - SHN+Art

    Is anyone able to top this up from 99.4% ? All that is needed is the artwork and .info file.
    Many thanks in advance.
    All complete, Thank you.
  23. Re: 1969-01-14 Munster - Cleanup and Merge of Sources 2 and 3 - By request

    As one of the last few to get this (Immediately before you) : It plays ok for me. I can only suggest checking for updates on whatever media player you are using and restart your computer (assuming...
  24. Re: 1969-01-17 Jimi Hendrix - Frankfurt [FD Cleanup]

    I get the same error and had already tried manually loading that exact address without success.
  25. Re: Out in the Sun (Jon's Attic - STG 039) - SHN+Art

    A seed on this would be much appreciated, Thank you in advance.
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