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    Re: Vibratory Fehmarn '70 Merge Final Version 2.0193

    I just had an epiphany when listening to Hey Baby! Jimi I love you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful energy with us.
  2. Re: 1969 Complete Live Sets Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    Funkydrummer, in the folder for "1969-05-18 Madison Square Garden NYC [FD Cleanup]" there are FOUR versions of Come On?
  3. Re: 1969-08-29 New York City, Hit Factory, NY. 'GSR'

    Feelin the love for AD LOL
  4. Re: 1969-07-07 Dick Cavett Show, ABC TV Studios, New York, NY
  5. Jimi Hendrix note given to pensioner who charmed him at gig emerges for sale

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  6. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"
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    Re: Directory of a Hard Drive

    Thanks x1000 to gdread for kindly sending me a copy of the HDD, fantastic price too!!! All on a Toshiba 1TB USB, one couldn't wish for more. Well, except for an official video of RAH I suppose LOL....
  8. Re: Jimi Hendrix - Maui, Hawaii 30-7-70 BOOTLEG DVD VERSION

    It says there are 10 seeds right now but somehow this torrent is not working. However, I have just successfully downloaded the torrent on the page quoted below for Love Field Dallas, on this same...
  9. Re: 1969 Complete Live Sets Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    Thanks for the upload. Looking forward to the 1970 live collection
  10. Re: Royal Albert Hall Jan,24, 1969 DVD 2016 ~ GYPSY EYES VERSION ~

    Yes, it completed the download now, no worries. Sorry for bothering you about it, I was just a bit t'ed off when it said pay money to upgrade your account NOW or wait six hours; I hate that type of...
  11. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    "The file that you are trying to download is no longer available."

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