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    Re "Gypsy Eyes" intro - I AGREE! The intro is messed up! In fact I probably agree with all your notes, I thought maybe my player was glitchy or something. Damn. Is Eddie getting sloppy in his...
  2. Re: Electric Ladyland sounds terrible!!! Needs remixing.

    By the way, the ambient non-tonal sections of "1983" and "Moon Turn the Tides" are exquisite and gorgeous in 5.1. Eddie did a great job on those!
  3. Re: Electric Ladyland sounds terrible!!! Needs remixing.

    There's already a 2.0 of the remix on the Blu-Ray. (As required by Blu-Ray standards.)
  4. Re: Electric Ladyland sounds terrible!!! Needs remixing.

    Well actually I've been waiting for the debate to begin over Eddie's choices for the 5.1 remix. He said he used a "combination of digital and analog techniques" and I think I can hear some of the...
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    So I suppose that eventually someone will post a detailed description of all the extra/different bits in the 5.1 mix. The endings of "Gypsy Eyes" and "BOTML" are longer. The mix of "1983" seems to...
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    Listened to the Hollywood Bowl disc today. The sound seems to deteriorate as the show goes on until it becomes less than what I would consider even an acceptable Dagger release! I have no idea...
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    As noted below, you CAN hear the new mix in ordinary stereo. You just need a Blu-Ray player. You don't need a 5.1 surround system. Just go to "Audio Setup" on the Blu-Ray and pick the 2.0 option. ...
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    There are three different formats of the remix on the Blu-Ray. (1) is 2.0 Stereo (2) is 5.1 uncompressed LPCM (3) is 5.1 DTS-HD. My research tells me that (2) & (3) probably won't have detectably...
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    Really? You can live without a new mix of ELL that includes elements left out of the original mix? That alone makes it essential. The surround sound is just icing on the cake.
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    I've listened to the 5:1 mix twice. (Actually the Blu-Ray has two different 5:1 format options. One says "uncompressed" the other says "5:1 Master". Which is best?)

    It's really nice to be in...
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    Got mine and went straight to the 5:1 mix. I'm still evaluating . . . "And The Gods Made Love" was a bit of a disappointment. I expected more things swirling around the four corners of the room,...
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    Apparently the reviewer didn't listen to the surround mix. :P

    I know another writer who says his review is coming soon. He's had the set for a month. And he says the surround mix is...
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    Yesterday I got my 5.1. Surround setup ready! I can't wait to hear "And the Gods Made Love" whirling and swirling around my head in 3d! I listened to The Beatles 1+ Surround Sound mixes just to...
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    This one makes you wider!

    It only took me about 50 years to notice that the back cover notes on AYE say "this one makes you WIDER" (as opposed to "wiser"). Do you think that was intentional?
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    OK, maybe not precisely an outtake, but I just went and listened to the version included in "On The Road to ELL" and its certainly different enough to be interesting vocals guitars and drums all seem...
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    I've heard an outtake of House Burning Down - except for the crappy sound quality is was great to hear. And there are some nice fragments of BOTM with alternate lead vocals floating around too. ...
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    Maybe they messed with the broadcast sound on purpose to stymie boots.
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    Yes indeed! Please let me know when its ready! :>
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    Sorry but I don't need another copy of that "Angel" demo or any of the other Drake Hotel demos :< What I do need are outtakes of "House Burning Down" and "BOTML". But if you read between the...
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    Yeah I felt the same way. In fact, I have to say that the entire broadcast was sonically underwhelming. But I'll try and withhold judgment until I hear the real thing, not a KPFK stream.
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    Re: 48 Jimi Hendrix LPs for sale

    Was one of the songs removed by the Spanish government "Spanish Castle Magic"?
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    Re: Who influenced Jimi Hendrix?

    Jimi's on the record as being a fan of Miss Toni Fisher's recording of "The Big Hurt". (See other posts in this thread for details.) But I just discovered today that Wes Montgomery recorded a cover...
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    Funny that EH would title it "Snowballs At My Window" if Jimi's own title was "Our Lovely Home". At any rate, if its just an acoustic home recorded demo, I'm not going to get excited about it. ...
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    Re: STPWLSD Vocal Fragment

    Ok so even with the clear version I can't tell: "that they've WON the world for us" or "That they've WARMED the world for us"? The latter makes more sense to me.
  25. Re: JHE - Coliseum Ballroom, Davenport, Iowa 1968-08-11 AUD (vinyl source)

    Nine years later and still no further leads? The most knowledgeable Jimi fans in the world have zero information about how this boot came to be?
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