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    Re: Allen/Aleem Twins and unreleased takes

    Wow, at 35:00 they are saying that Jimi staged the kidnapping "to get away." Shortly followed by Jimi's invisibility trick -- hilarious!
  2. Re: Under the microscope: Jimi Hendrix's 1967 Monterey Strat - in pictures

    Mitch kicking out wooden supports so his drum kit fell apart? First I've heard of that, never seen evidence of it either.
  3. Thread: Jimi & Lotta

    by vkd108

    Re: Jimi & Lotta

    On this video there are people commenting that they personally knew him and vouch for his honesty.
  4. Thread: Jimi & Lotta

    by vkd108

    Jimi & Lotta

    Chas' standard excuse for bailing on Jimi was his endless repeated takes and studio hangers on, but seems there was an inner, more personal reason:

    “But while Tappy may be off the beam on the...
  5. Re: New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    Yeah, you can tell from the original on this site that they have "adjusted" it, that's why it looks more like André Benjamin of All Is By My Side infamy LOL
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    Re: Backing Tracks-All Studio Tracks

    Pancho, I have just got the Demonoid torrent, there are 3 of us peers now all with 0.00% and no seeders! Could you kindly seed for a short while at least?

    Thanks buddy.
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    Axis - Safe Stereo?

    I was just looking at ATM 158-160 (Axis: Bold As Love - The Sessions), I grabbed all the 'safe stereo' files, copied them to a separate folder and listened to that version of Axis, which the cover...
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    Re: Yet More Reasons to Hail the Guitar God

    "We’ll also be displaying the blue kimono and pants that Hendrix wore at the Newport Pop Festival and Dick Cavett Show, both in 1969. He wore the blue velvet pants at Woodstock, as well.` "

    I was...
  9. Thread: Foxy or Foxey?

    by vkd108

    Foxy or Foxey?

    OK I'm way behind the times, doing a bit of catch-up LOL. Sorry about that. I am reading J. McDermott's Setting The Record Straight and note that he refers to the song as Foxey Lady, which I...
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    Re: Toronto/Denver/Honolulu Resynced

    Here are my thanks to prove that the thread is still alive LOL
  11. Re: 1970-05-16 Temple University Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia USA Originally Posted by stplsd
    The Evening Bulletin (20 May) ‘Hendrix Concert a...
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    Re: Vibratory Fehmarn '70 Merge Final Version 2.0193

    I just had an epiphany when listening to Hey Baby! Jimi I love you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful energy with us.
  13. Re: 1969 Complete Live Sets Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    Funkydrummer, in the folder for "1969-05-18 Madison Square Garden NYC [FD Cleanup]" there are FOUR versions of Come On?
  14. Re: 1969-08-29 New York City, Hit Factory, NY. 'GSR'

    Feelin the love for AD LOL
  15. Re: 1969-07-07 Dick Cavett Show, ABC TV Studios, New York, NY
  16. Jimi Hendrix note given to pensioner who charmed him at gig emerges for sale

    <header class="clearfix" itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" style="transform: none; padding: 0px; border:...
  17. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"
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    Re: Directory of a Hard Drive

    Thanks x1000 to gdread for kindly sending me a copy of the HDD, fantastic price too!!! All on a Toshiba 1TB USB, one couldn't wish for more. Well, except for an official video of RAH I suppose LOL....
  19. Re: Jimi Hendrix - Maui, Hawaii 30-7-70 BOOTLEG DVD VERSION

    It says there are 10 seeds right now but somehow this torrent is not working. However, I have just successfully downloaded the torrent on the page quoted below for Love Field Dallas, on this same...
  20. Re: 1969 Complete Live Sets Cleanups - by Funkydrummer

    Thanks for the upload. Looking forward to the 1970 live collection
  21. Re: Royal Albert Hall Jan,24, 1969 DVD 2016 ~ GYPSY EYES VERSION ~

    Yes, it completed the download now, no worries. Sorry for bothering you about it, I was just a bit t'ed off when it said pay money to upgrade your account NOW or wait six hours; I hate that type of...
  22. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    "The file that you are trying to download is no longer available."

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