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  1. Re: New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    Being somewhat familiar with the "Mannish Boy" session, I'll say that Eddie did good job with the composite, assembling something more listenable than any of the takes I'd previously heard. It...
  2. Re: New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    And yet all three - "Live & Let Live", "Woodstock" and "Sending My Love to Linda" sound to me like they're using the same riff.
  3. Re: New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    I always thought that was one of the "Sending My Love to Linda" takes, or one of the "Woodstock" takes that's already in circulation.
  4. Re: Contradiction In Jimi's First Rays Tracklists

    Any guesses for "This Little Boy" or "Locomotion"?

    Wouldn't it be funny if "Locomotion" was the Carole King/Little Eva tune?
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    Eric Clapton/Peter Green Jam

    I only just learned of this jam. Eric Clapton, Peter Green and the other participants are up for debate. Is it Clapton sitting in with Fleetwood Mac or is it Peter Green sitting in with Delaney &...
  6. Re: Hendrix says "My music doesn't give me pleasure anymore"

    Rather than "elaborate more" I will direct you to Message #56 in the "Official I Saw Jimi Hendrix In Concert" thread here on CTT. I posted that recollection in 2011 and said the same thing then.
  7. Re: Hendrix says "My music doesn't give me pleasure anymore"

    Well I must admit that the last time I saw Jimi, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, I absolutely felt that he had somehow grown too big for his "mortal coil" and that he was not long for this world. ...
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    Re: Curtis Knight and "Jim Hendrix"?;)

    Ha ha. I remember occassionally stumbling across records by "Jim" Hendrix back in the day, only to realize he was the wrong guy. I probably haven't thought about him in 40 years!
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    Re: Hendrix at high school

    Sorry, I don't know. Seems pretty important historically. Hope you can figure it out. All I have is the "Voices From Home" book.
  10. Re: New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    Based on the title of the lp, I was hoping one of the "new" songs would be "Keep On Groovin". Oh well. Someone here said the circulating "Woodstock" was "fairly good" sound quality. If he...
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    Re: RIP Johnny Hallyday

    Video of Jimi Hendrix in a smoke ring contest with Johnny Hallyday. My apologies for not being able to find a link that will play directly without required registration. Even though a YouTube search...
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    RIP Johnny Halladay

    No mention of Jimi in this obit
    http ://

    Here's a clip of Jimi doing "Ma Poupee Qui Fait Non". I don't know why I always thought this was associated...
  13. Re: People who need to be interviewed about Jimi (before its too late!)

    I already did.!)&highlight=joey+dee
  14. Re: LA Forum 4/25/1970 vinyl diiscussion here...

    I don't understand why, after all this time, the original bootleggers are still shrouded in mystery. Do they want to go their graves remaining anonymous? Are they dead already? Hasn't the...
  15. Re: One Last Experience ★ New book on the Royal Albert Hall 1969 concerts

    I wonder if the author has seen the movie?
  16. People who need to be interviewed about Jimi (before its too late!)

    Who are some still living people who played with Jimi or were otherwise associated with him but haven't been interviewed yet? I tracked down Joey Dee myself and he was happy to share his memories...
  17. Re: 1965-10-XX [late] Lodi, Joey Dee's house, New Jersey.

    So what's your source for their being a home recording with Joey Dee? I know Joey has said that they recorded a promo at a Troy, New York radio station.
  18. Re: A Vision Heard - Unreleased Offical Documentary From 1980?

    All I know is that when I met Alan Douglas in his Beverly Hills offices, he gave me a 10 by 12 inch cardboard promo for the movie "A Vision Heard". (He also gave me an autographed copy of the "And...
  19. Sticky: Re: Newspaper & Magazine Article Scans: 1960's - 1970's

    Interesting article in that it has a Firesign Theater connection! Caused me to track down the referenced short, which led me to a YouTube of a rare film of 1973's "TV or Not TV". ...
  20. Re: 1960-02-20 Seattle, Washington Hall, WA

    Saturday 20 February 1960
    (From a photograph by Odell Lee)
    Seattle, Washington Hall, Washington, USA
    Concert by The Rocking Teens: Jimmy Hendrix guitar, Web Lofton sax, Walter Harris sax,...
  21. Re: Hendrix Interview - "Poetic Or Just Strung Out" 1970

    I Googled the critic, Meridee Merzer. His main claim to fame is that he wrote a diet book in the 80's. I found his address and phone number online too, but didn't see any point in contacting a...
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    Re: The Hendrix Auction Thread
  23. Re: Them Changes: The Big Life of Buddy Miles

    And he still owes Arthur Lee $500!
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    Re: "Naked Ladyland"

    Wow! That's very helpful, thanks so much! What's striking to me is how little of what's documented in that PDF there is that I haven't heard already. Still I do wonder what EH might be sitting on...
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    Re: "Naked Ladyland"

    So I found a torrent for the uncompressed FLACS for the "Naked Ladyland" 6 CD Box set. I was mainly interested in the 1983 versions included. It's got three different versions. I don't own...
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