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  1. Re: Jimi Hendrix & The BOG 1969-12-31 Fillmore East, New York Late Show NTSC DVD

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    Re: New Album Covers!

    TX a lot one more time.
  3. Re: Thee Experience 2017-06-29 Electric Ladyland in its entirety

    Keep on groovin' and start seeding the torrent!
  4. Re: Winterland, October '68 (Bob Terry's tracks missing from EH release) - Flac

    We should really stop banning torrents that contain tracks (officially) released more than 30 years ago...
  5. Winterland, October '68 (Bob Terry's tracks missing from EH release) - Flac

    There are two officially released tracks here I can see just from looking at the supplied track listing!!

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    "Winterland, SF, October '68"
    (Collector's disc - Bob...
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    Re: Beatles Shea Stadium TMOQ Gazette HMC

    New remasters of movies made for theater viewing, DVD, BLURays etc....are usually cropped
    in a way that they include wider picture and cropped pieces are top and bottom parts of the
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    Re: 1969-01-08 Lorensberg Cirkus Sweden

    I've been talking about this for years. Let's enable DHT for new torrents during long periods when tracker's being off-line. We've had such situations before, hadn't we? Many old CTT torrents with...
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    Sunrise, Sunset

    Re-seed please.
  9. Re: Jimi Hendrix - Maui, Hawaii 30-7-70 BOOTLEG DVD VERSION

    Nicely done! Great job!
    Very enjoyable video.
    Thanks a lot!
  10. Re: Royal Albert Hall 2014 alternate RAW SOURCE FOOTAGE

    It's really great to see first hand
    what a job was to edit and improve such raw footage.
    Very interesting!
    Thanks a million for the millionth time!
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    Re: 1970-05-03 St. Paul [FD Cleanup V2]

    What a persistence and search for perfectionism....
    You're amazing FD!
    Thanks a lot!
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    Re: Routes Of Rock - Season 1 Episode 3

    Thanks for the upload!
    Interesting interviews with Kathy and Noel.
    Obviously taped for this series exclusively.
    Great! Thanks again!
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    Re: 1969-05-17 Providence RI [FD Cleanup]

    Thanks a million and a happy New Year!
    I wish you (us) a lot more excellent Hendrix cleanups of yours!
    Hopefully, you'll be able to "clean-up" complete Hendrix (live/aud) recorded 'repertoire'.
  14. Re: "Way Over Yonder Stands A Mother" - IOW 1st & 3rd source merge

    Any chance of a seed please?
    Stuck at 88% for weeks now...
  15. Re: Can I Say Hello To My Dog? - Copenhagen 10jan69 2-Source Merge

    Thanks for the "work" and "upload"!
    Can someone please seed this. I'm stuck at 89% for weeks already...
  16. Re: The Source - Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute (Radio show, 5LPs) - Flac+Art

    Thanks thunderbaas, although, honestly, I don't understand
    what you mean by "your own kind of Jimi Radio".
  17. Re: 1967-09-11 - Dans In Stockholm [FD Cleanup]

    Started as a skeptic - now a devoted fan.
    Your clean-ups 'sound' in my car stereo on a daily basis!
    Thanks a million!
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    Re: Machine Gun Jimi.. 2LP

    IMHO, CD sounds much better than the LP. Signal is much stronger. The bass is much too weak on vinyl.
    That's just for my ears and on my equipment (average quality).
    CD sounds perfect. I wouldn't...
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    Re: Golden Unplugged

    You can now get it here:
  20. Re: 1968-05-30 and 1968-05-31 Zurich [FD Cleanup]

    Great job. Unlistenable tapes becoming listenable pleasures.
    Thanks a lot!
  21. Re: James Marshall Hendrix - ...with Curtis Knight 1967 volume 1

    Replacement for track 07. UFO:
  22. The Source - Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute (Radio show, 5LPs) - Flac+Art

    Jimi Hendrix

    'The Source - Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute'
    (The Source & NBC Radio's Young Adult Network, USA 1982, show #82-41, 5LPs)

    'Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute', promotional-only radio show...
  23. Re: Jimi Hendrix & Lonnie Youngblood (Complete 1966 Recordings) - Flac+Art

    The compilation does not include these recordings
    (except Sweet Thang and She's a Fox)
    because Jimi is often out of the final mix
    or so deep down that you can hear it only
    if you have very...
  24. Re: Jimi Hendrix & Lonnie Youngblood (Complete 1966 Recordings) - Flac+Art

    Front cover:
  25. Re: Jimi Hendrix & Lonnie Youngblood (Complete 1966 Recordings) - Flac+Art

    Back cover:
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