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  1. Re: UFO Jams [Unidentified F*n Outake Jams (Collector's Disc /14.04.2004/ 1CDR)]

    Thank you for your comment, its a Collector Disc, not a bootleg, and was made to solve musical doubts, between "mates" in the JIMI PASS IT ON group, as mentioned in the txt...
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    Sunrise Sunset - From JPIO Apr 2009

    This is not other version of Sunrise Sunet, there is another in the site wich has Not Seeds from long time ago,
    so I uploaded this original version from JPIO..
    I put it inside a ZIP file, so all...
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    Re: Backing Tracks-All Studio Tracks

    I cant get the demonoid torrent file, it give error..
    anyway after 10 years of my download, I have only the flac files, the music, we dont need the PAR files, so I suggest you to download from...
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    Re: Backing Tracks-All Studio Tracks

    The PAR files were made with QuickPAr 0.9,
    QuickPar is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. For details of the algorithm used, see the parchive website at...
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    Re: Backing Tracks-All Studio Tracks

    I have the flac files from demonoid torrent 2007, now seeding.. , but I dont have the PAR files, wich belongs I guess to rar backup files, but not shure..
    the ffp signatures, not in Steeve torrent=...
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    Re: Moonbeams & Fairytales

    Thanks to Emilovius, who posted in demonoi, its still alive..

    the site inserts a space in middle of the hash number, remove it before...
  7. Re: 1969-01-17 Jimi Hendrix - Frankfurt [FD Cleanup]

    Thank you FD, I understood after some time, my post was directed as explanation to others like me..
    And Thank you for sharing all your wonderful jobs! :)
  8. Re: 1969-01-17 Jimi Hendrix - Frankfurt [FD Cleanup]

    The torrent posted in Post #11 just confused me, is from hawkfan old post, is not from funkydrummer job.

    I´m writing this just for people who don´t know, so they don´t loose a lot of time triying...
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    Re: 1969-05-18 MSG NYC Merge 1.0 (JPIOII-14)

    wow seven leechers waiting! its ok now.. :)
  10. Re: Complete Little Wing - Collector compil.2003 APE

    In utorrent go to "Add torrent from URL" in the File menu, or press the "Add torrent from URL" button and paste the magnet.
  11. Re: Complete Little Wing - Collector compil.2003 APE

    Its alive now, the magnet is:

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    Re: 70-05-02 Madison 3 source merge 1.0

    hi ¿which one of these is it? (a link can help)?=
    Feb 24, 2014 Audio Torrents 1970-05-02 Madison [FD Stereo Merge and Cleanup]
    Uploaded by: funkydrummer
    2 0 207 13.91 kB/s 767.24...
  13. Re: JHE - HALLENSTADION, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND 1968-05-31 1st gen upgrade (

    Please somebody seed for a while, the txt file is missing cause my copy comes from DIME..
    thank you..
  14. Re: what are preferable ports for BitTorrent 7.0 client?

    I guess the range explained here is better, to hide from ISPs..:

    The range 49152–65535 contains dynamic or private ports that...
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    Re: Is there any interest in a new site?

    A possible solution is like JPIO group or TPB, etc.. did, shifting to magnets instead of torrent files.. faster, cleaner, less expensive.
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    Re: Purple Box set with dvd ?

    the full set was shared at the demon site, google this:
    jimi Hendrix Experience [Purple Box][Bonus DVD](oan

    dont know if its legal to share magnets, you can make your own magnets if you know the...
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    Im seeding the Box of gypsys mentioned here:

    it will take time, guess there are no other seed.. guess are audience recordings..
  18. Re: Thank heavens! I thought CTT was all finished!

    Thank heavens!
    Some weeks ago i couldnt access too, and it was a problem with DNS resolution by the internet services, so i had to changue the norma adress
    http: / / crosstowntorrents. org/ by...
  19. Re: Mixdown Master Tapes Vol. 2 Track 02 fix

    enjoy it!
  20. Re: Site like this, with Stones bootlegs, anyone know?
  21. Thread: studio 68

    by pancho1111

    Re: studio 68

    you can try the available highlights CD and art here:

    wish it work for you !
  22. Re: Rare Performances And Jam Sessions (WatchTower WT 2005146/7/8 / 2005 / 3CD)

    bumping up this fine set, as bandit said :)
  23. Re: In Memoriam Mitch Mitchell - assorted drum solos 1967-1972 CTT

    Thank you to the uploader and the today´s seeder!
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    Re: Machine Gun: Unreleased studio version?

    Thank you everybody for all the info,
    I guess this takes (singing Izabella at begining) are also found on two more places:
    "Jimi Hendrix - Studio 69 Rev A & upgraded 2005 -...
  25. Re: Caruso Insult Session - Room Full Of Mirrors Poetry Recital BT Tape

    thank you to the seeders :)
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