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Thread: Am I Experienced Swedish Documentary 2012

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    Am I Experienced Swedish Documentary 2012

    Am I Experienced Swedish Documentary 2012

    Release Date.: 2012-04-27
    Source.: DVB
    Video Format.: x264
    Video Resolution.: 1280x720
    Video Framerate: 25 fps
    Audio: AC3 2.0 448Kbps
    Settings.: --crf 21 --preset slow

    Swedish and English language

    Taken from google translation:

    In the end of the sixties toured Jimi Hendrix several times in Sweden and he did deep impression on people he met along the way.In 1970, he died just 27 years old. But who was he really? Filmmaker Hans-Erik Therus follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix and the enters a person who seems to have been alone and lost even though he spent his last years constantly surrounded by people, constantly admired and always in the middle of spotlight.
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