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Thread: 1970-08-01 Honolulu

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    1970-08-01 Honolulu

    This show was partially recorded and surfaced in WMA format in early 2006.

    It turned up on the EH site in Real Audio format, another lossy conversion....

    This torrent is for the 'original' WMA files, and a FLAC version of a edit i did, some EQ etc.

    The original recording had a 'echo from the future' in the left channel, since the recording itself appears to be mono this channel was dropped in the edit version.

    1 Straight Ahead
    2 Ezy Ryder
    3 Hey Baby
    4 Spanish Castle Magic
    5 Red House

    The partially synched 8mm that came with it is also included.

    Those are the facts, now the opinions:

    I think this was one of the best concerts of 1970.
    Jimi appears to be in a very good mood which is reflected in his playing. Finally, an audience that doesnt scream for 'Wild Thing/Foxy Lady/Purple Haze/burn that guitar Jimi!'
    inbetween all songs. This version of Hey Baby is -afaik- the only live version that has a intro and an ending, its not the usual ending where it would be a medley with the next song - or drum solo.

    So, the show is really good, the audio really isnt.
    Still hope it will be enjoyed!
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