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    I see that many members are into Youtube. I recommend this player as being the simplest and quickest way of downloading. It is clean, no adware and best of all it's free!. The interface has a small button that launches it's own browser and the browser has a search field to quickly find data. Simply clik to select the desired video, right clik and choose 'record video'. It creates a folder named 'Youtube' in your 'My Videos' and places the recording there. There is also a 'quality' setting that you can set, tho I have not experimented with it much. I am not a big youtube fan but I have noticed that certain Youtube uploaders offer the vids with multiple quality settings.

    I originally came across this player while searching for a player that would remember file position of previously played a/v files. Some store and recall only the last played file. This one remembers them all and does have a 'Recent Files' list function. I d/l and listen to a lot of audio (lectures, debates, talk & old-time radio shows, etc.) and frequently pause and go to other files and so forth. This is a God-send for me.

    If only one member finds this useful, I am happy to have helped.

    (p.s. - the image above is a clikable link to the site)

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