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Thread: Did Chas/Jimi plagiarise the arrangement of Hey Joe?

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    Re: Did Chas/Jimi plagiarise the arrangement of Hey Joe?

    Some of those images show what look like "new" labels!!
    Have all of these records with missing text never been out of the paper sleeves?

    Just a thought!
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    Re: Did Chas/Jimi plagiarise the arrangement of Hey Joe?

    Ah, you noticed that too. Even some very old 78's look almost new, maybe it's more often records that have not been played much that survive? I think with some of the photos it's just careful renovation, good lighting and, mostly, that the photos have been tarted up for the web site. Maybe they thought, we'll show nice pictures rather than ones that look 'authenticaly damaged'? It's just an information site on 45s in general, they are not selling anything.
    It's like those old Track LPs on e-bay shining like newly minted, buy one and you may get a shock when you see it or try to play it, snap crackle and pop.
    If you look closer you can just see traces of spindle tracks and tears around the holes.

    Interesting that Holland (only one with printing details and, oddly, in English. The label had the UK serial No. too), Italy and West Germany all, initially, had the same sleeve with just 'Jimi Hendrix' on it. Although the Dutch and Italian pressings seem to have had the full JHE title. The Austrian single sleeve is bizarre, but it too just has 'Jimi Hendrix', no 'Experience'.
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