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Thread: Mike Jeffrey estate

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    Mike Jeffrey estate

    After the numerous releases on Radioactive, Reclamation, Voodoo Chile Export, Rock Of Ages Export, you name it, the Jeffrey estate are at it again:

    Rockin' The USA Vol.1
    Winterland, San Francisco - 03/02/1968 - 1st show
    Winterland, San Francisco - 03/02/1968 - 2nd show
    Fillmore West, San Francisco - 04/02/1968
    Clark University, Worcester - 15/03/1968

    Rockin' The USA Vol.2
    State Fair Music Hall, Dallas - 16/02/1968
    Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth - 17/02/1968

    Rockin' The USA Vol.3
    Fillmore East, New York - 10/05/1968
    Miami Pop Festival - 18/05/1968
    Philharmonic Hall, New York - 28/11/1968

    These are simply copies of bootlegs. Their previous set "Rockin In The USA" volumes 1 & 2 covered the period 67 to 70 (on several CDs). Here, the two double CDs cover only 1968, so it would seem that they might continue with the other years with more volumes.
    Notice that they have also duplicated some Dagger releases there.
    Nobody should buy this stuff.

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    Re: Mike Jeffrey estate

    Thanks for the thread.

    I'm afraid that Janie will come back after the Mike Jeffrey estate with lawsuits.

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