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Thread: 1966-06-XX Allegro Sound Studios, New York City, NY

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    1966-06-XX Allegro Sound Studios, New York City, NY

    No Such Animal
    Knock Yourself Out
    Hornet's Nest (aka Kato's Special)
    Station Break (unreleased)

    -all composed by Jimmy Hendrix and Jerry Simon

    Fool For You Baby*
    Gotta Have a New Dress*
    The UFO*

    Marion Booker: drums
    Nate Edmonds: organ
    Napoleon "Hank" Anderson: bass
    Jimmy Hendrix: rhythm, lead guitar
    *Curtis Knight: vocals

    Producer: Jerry Simon
    Engineer: Bruce Staple
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    Re: 1966-06-XX Allegro Sound Studios, New York City, NY

    [day?] June? 1966
    Allegro Sound Studios, 1650 Broadway, New York City, NY
    Curtis ‘Knight’ (McNear): *vocals
    (James) ‘Jimmy’ Hendrix: rhythm, lead guitar
    (Nathaniel) ‘Nate’ Edmonds: organ
    (Napoleon) ‘Hank’ Anderson: bass
    Marion Booker: drums
    Producer: Jerry Simon
    Engineer: Bruce Staple?

    No Such Animal (Jimmy Hendrix)
    Knock Yourself Out (Jimmy Hendrix)
    Hornet's Nest (aka Kato's Special) (Jimmy Hendrix)
    Station Break (Jimmy Hendrix)
    [The only involvement Jerry Simon would have in these tunes would be picking up a royalty check, if they sold]

    Fool For You Baby* (Curtis Knight?)
    Gotta Have a New Dress* (Sampson Horton & Curtis Knight)
    The UFO* (Curtis Knight?)

    02 Hendrix, likely New York City or thereabout
    03 Hendrix, likely New York City or thereabout
    Early June New York City, Kettle of Fish, Greenwich Village, New York, USA Hendrix claims he met his “idol” Bob Dylan [at some point year not given]. But they were too stoned to talk, and just giggled.
    Bob Neuwirth (Dec ’64): Bobby Dylan and I occasionally ventured out into the poppy nightlife world. I think somebody who had met Edie said, 'You have to meet this terrific girl.' Dylan called her, and she chartered a limousine and came to see us. We spent an hour or two, all laughing and giggling, having a terrific time. I think we met in the bar upstairs at the Kettle of Fish on MacDougal Street, which was one of the great places of the Sixties. It was just before the Christmas holidays; it was snowing, and I remember we went to look at the display on Houston Street in front of the Catholic church... Edie was fantastic. She was always fantastic."
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