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Thread: Rocky Isaac story

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    Rocky Isaac story

    Came across this story and thought some might be interested: https://neversatisfiedalwaysthankful...of-situations/
    Rocky played drums on some April 1969 Record Plant sessions.
    Note the end comments left a few days ago (July 27, 2015).

    Meeting Rocky Isaac: God’s Sovereignty in the Oddest of Situations

    October 6, 2014

    One week ago, my bike was stolen.

    It didn’t make any sense; my bike was not nice enough to steal and it was securely locked with my U-bolt lock (as far as I know). U-bolts are known as some of the most secure locks because you can’t just cut through them like a cable.

    When I discovered that it was missing, I became extremely frustrated. My two previous weeks were very overwhelming from tough situations in Young Life, hitting a car and having to pay damages, and a hard relapse in a personal sin that I thought I had conquered.

    The last thing I needed was something more on my plate. The last thing I needed was another expense. The last thing I needed was another reason to stay awake at night and not be able to fall asleep, but thats what I got.

    After reporting it to the police, I decided to put off buying a new bike and wait and see if my stolen one would be found. For an entire week I walked the distance from my off campus apartment to all of my classes, the REC center, and my on-campus job. It was not unbearable by any means, but It was definitely not ideal so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a new bike.

    One week later on Sunday, October 5th I went bike hunting after church. I drove to Wal-Mart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and after deciding which bike I liked the most for the price, back to Wal-Mart.

    As I approached the bike section, I saw an elderly man. He had long, white hair, a mustache, an old sweater, a ball cap, and a back pack. He was standing beside a rusty Panama Jack bicycle made for girls with a flat tire and a loose chain. I could already tell he was either homeless or close to it. I feel guilty saying this, but I wanted to keep my distance to avoid being asked for money. Unfortunately (or so I had thought) he was standing right beside the bike I had planned on purchasing so I had no choice but to approach him.

    As I walked towards him, he turned, nodded at me, and proceeded to take a few steps to the side, giving me room to get my bike. Even with the distance between us, I could smell the alcohol on him. As I was fumbling with different latches and levers in order to get my bike off the rack, he softly muttered out, “Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me with my bike.” Initially, I wanted to say, “Sorry, I’m really in a hurry. I just need to get this bike and get out of here, I really don’t know how to work on bikes, anyway,” But when I turned around and looked into the eyes of this poor, desperate soul, I couldn’t find it in myself to say it.

    “Sure,” I said, “How can I help you?” The man responded, “This tire has gone flat and I need to replace it. I’ve already bought the new inner tube and tire, I just need some tools for the job.” I asked him what tools he needed, and he said a screwdriver and a ratchet. It just so happened that I had both of those in the trunk of my car so I said “I have those! Lets go and see if we can get you fixed up.”

    On the way to the parking lot I learned that his name was Rocky Isaac and that he was 68 years old and nearly broke. He was an alcoholic on the road to recovery, living off of social security (or welfare, I forgot which one he said), and was enrolling back in school the upcoming semester.

    After just a few complications we were able to get his new tire on and he was ready to ride. “You don’t realize how helpful you’ve been,” Rocky said, “I’ll never talk crap about ole ‘Panama Jack’ ever again after having to walk everywhere for the past 2 weeks.” We were just about to say our final goodbyes when I saw him start to fiddle through a wad of cash. ‘There is no way this guy is gonna pay me,’ I thought, ‘This man barely has a cent to his name and he wants to pay me?

    Before he could even get a word out I said, “Sir, there is no way I can take that money.” Rocky looked at me with a smirk on his face and said, “No, you deserve this.”

    I wasn’t going to try to argue with him , so I took the 10 dollars he offered me. Then I saw him take a pen out and start writing on the white wall of his old tire. I thought he was going to write just a simple thank you note, but what he said next absolutely blew my mind.

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Jimi Hendrix, but I played drums for him in a couple sessions that got used on a few tracks. Here here the names of them,”


    As he continued to write the names of the songs he played on, I ran to the front seat of my car looking for something to give him. The first thing that caught my eye was a small Bible that I took to church that morning. It was a graduation gift from my high school youth group with my name engraved on the front. Without thinking twice I took it, wrote a personal note to him inside the cover, and handed it to him.

    “I want you to have this,” I said, “If I ever become famous one day it might be worth a lot of money.”

    We both chuckled, and then he told me, “It’s so encouraging to see young men like you today. Me, well I wasted a whole lot of time and money on things not worth chasing, but the LORD’s been good to me through it all and he’s given me chance after chance to come back. Being as old as I am, I’ve been given good health, which is truly a blessing considering all the crap that I’ve put in my body over the years. Don’t waste your life, Matt.”

    I asked if I could pray with him, and he was more than open to it. It was a prayer of thanks; thanking God for seeing it fit that Rocky and I’s paths crossed, and thanking Jesus for putting our hope in life everlasting rather than our life here on Earth.

    Rocky had one of the most genuine smiles I’d seen in a long time, and he was very thankful through the whole experience. I took a selfie with him, said goodbye, and then we parted ways.

    The first thing I did when I got home was look up “Rocky Isaac drums Jimi Hendrix” and what do you know, his name came up on a few tracks along with an old picture of him behind a drum set. This man was telling the truth.

    As I was still in absolute wonder at what just happened, an inspired thought about how God works came upon me. If my bike was never stolen, I would have never had to buy a new one, which means I wouldn’t have been at Wal-Mart at that time, which means I would’ve never met Rocky, and Rocky may have had to wait even longer to get the help that he needed. Thats right, there is no such thing as coincidences, only God’s design and sovereignty.

    Sovereignty is God’s characteristic of being in absolute control and working through situations that may seem like he isn’t there at all. With most of his plan, we never truly see it for what it is, but this one stuck out to me big time. Rocky and I were supposed to meet that day, and now we both have a story we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

    Whoever stole my bike: if you’re reading this, thanks for taking it. By stealing it, you set me on the path towards Rocky Isaac, one of the coolest senior citizen college student drummers I’ve ever met.

    If you ask me, a lost bike in exchange for meeting Rocky Isaac…it’s a fair trade.

    1.Bleeding Heart – Jimi Hendrix
    2.Crash Landing – Jimi Hendrix
    3.Who Do You Love – Sundazed Music
    4.Cherry People – Heritage

    This comment was recently left on this blog, hopefully you will smile as bright as I did when I read it-

    Hey Matt, I was visiting my father in a rehabilitation center today in Wilmington. He told me that he wanted me to meet the nicest man he has ever met and when he introduced the man he told me his name was Rocky Isaac! He told me all about playing with Jimi Hendrix so i looked him up when i got home and i found your post! Rocky was on his last day at the Rehabilitation Center and already had it setup to where he will be renting a place with a roommate. I thought you would like to hear he was doing good and i think its crazy we both had an opportunity out of the ordinary to meet Rocky!

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    Re: Rocky Isaac story

    Thanks for relating a great story. Helped me to remember not to take little things for granted. Peace.

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    Re: Rocky Isaac story

    That was really nice. Those songs Rocky played on are some of my favorite tracks after the official records. I really like the Room Full of Mirrors he played on. God gives us all many chances throughout life to know Him.
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    Re: Rocky Isaac story

    I'm a little confused about which tracks Rocky played on. I know he was a guest conga player at the Royal Albert Hall. But I didn't know he played drums or that he was on any studio recordings. Can someone elucidate?
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    Re: Rocky Isaac story

    Quote Originally Posted by Roland Stone View Post
    I'm a little confused about which tracks Rocky played on. I know he was a guest conga player at the Royal Albert Hall. But I didn't know he played drums or that he was on any studio recordings. Can someone elucidate? Also what are the tracks "Who Do You Love" and "Cherry People"?(...)
    some reading about it:

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    Re: Rocky Isaac story

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubem View Post
    Ok, I had Rocky Isaac confused with the guy that Jimi calls "Rocky" on "Smashing of Amps".


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