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Thread: 1966-09-30 Birdland, London

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    1966-09-30 Birdland, London

    Friday 30 September 1966
    Birdland, London

    Noel: “On the 30th I turned up again as requested and no one was there. Panic! I’d been given the Anim Ltd. office address on Gerrard Street. I literally ran there, and did a quick hype on the first person I saw. It was Michael Jeffery, Chas’ parner and the Animal’s manager. He just said, “ ‘It’s okay. You got the audition. Move to London.’ I nearly fainted with relief. I’d been too depressed to allow myself to get excited before then.”

    “After I came back two days later [sic] and met up with Jefferys, he said, ‘You have to move to London’.”

    “…suddenly we had a gig. A tour even…- and we didn’t even have a drummer.
    …We jammed drummer less for a few days while we checked out various drummers. This was good because we got to know each other a bit and learned to understand each other’s guitar style without immediately having to incorporate a third musician. I was enjoying experimenting on bass. Never having played one before was very liberating in its way.”

    Friday 30 September 1966
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO, (page?) [Jonathan King column - a puffed up, tastless, abuser - later convicted. Ed.] [...] Though I like GEORGIE FAME very much I have grown sick and tired of his sound.
    Thank heavens he has pensioned off his "we-survived-through-the-fifties" bunch of "Soul rockers."

    [Mitch was pissed off and wrote a strong reply later. Ed.]

    Monday 3 October 1966
    : "Afraid of being let down, I didn't really relax until Chas phoned on 3 October to say, 'Come on up.' I borrowed a pound from Mum and took the next train to London.
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