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Thread: 1966-10-04 Birdland, London

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    1966-10-04 Birdland, London

    Tuesday 4 October 1966
    [Birdland probably, or possibly, Aberbach Ltd], London

    Amplification was probably Vox AC 30 ‘Top-Boosts’ and a Vox ‘Foundation’ 18 inch bass cabinet with an AC 50 amp.

    Noel: “A Burns six-string was suggested [ie ‘tried out’. Ed.]. But the strings were too close together for my fingers." [Note: the Burns, ‘Split Sound Six String Bass’ (1962-64) was the only six-string bass they made, apparently less than 200 were produced. Interestingly Noel played for a time with his mate Neil Landon in a group that was re-named ‘the Burnettes’ - after visiting the Burns guitar factory where they did some deal where they got some prototype Burns Bison guitars at a big discount. A band photo shows Noel (guitar) and the bassist (4-string) posing with them. Also, Burns apparently gave Chas the bands first set of stage amplification gear, which they promptly attempted to wreck. Ed.]

    Harvey Hinsley (guitar, The Crescents): “Mitch Mitchell helped out and was experimenting with us and lost time a lot!! He told me once to change my Strat for a Burns Black Bison ?? I told him to stick to his drums!"

    Noel: “I went back the next day [sic] and Jimi was surprised I had remembered the chord sequence [to ‘Hey Joe’]. I don’t read music, but I’ve got a good memory. We tried a few drummers, me and this coon from America. Yes that’s what I used to call him. Jimi loved that – he really dug it. He loved me y’know - and I loved him.”
    [ie ‘Jimi loved me so much I could call him racist names’ - bizarre. I can only assume that this interview (1971/72?) was taken when Noel had his Mandrax habit. Ed.]

    “We jammed drummerless for a few days [apparently this was the only day Ed.] while we checked out different drummers [? Jammed together when not playing with drummers on the same day, or what? Ed.]. This was good because we got to know each other a bit and learned to understand each others guitar style without immediately having to incorporate a third musician. I was enjoying experimenting on bass. Never having played one before was very liberating in its way.”

    Chas: “Then I heard that Mitch Mitchell had been kicked out of the Blue Flames (Georgie Fame’s band) [sic, He wasn’t, ‘kicked out’, the whole band was fired. No more ‘Blue Flames’. It was just ‘Georgie Fame’ (solo) after that. Ed.]. I liked his drumming and asked Mitch down.” [Chas was tight with Fame and his manager Rick Gunnel. Ed]

    Mitch: “Then on the Tuesday John Gunnel [Brother of Georgie Fame’s manager & partner with him (‘The Gunnels’) in running his several top London’s ‘R&B clubs’, most were basically discotheques that featured live bands as well. Ed.] mentioned to me that Chas Chandler and Jimi Hendrix, a friend of his, were over here, and would I care to go and have a play.”

    “…and the next day I got a call from Chas Chandler. He told me he had this artist he’d just brought over from America. Was I interested in having a play? I said, ‘What does it entail?’ He said, ‘All we’ve got is two weeks [just one actually. Ed.] work in France, with Johnny Hallyday!’ So I said, ‘What’s the deal?’ ‘Best you come along and have a play!’ I made a few phone calls around and it turned out they’d auditioned every bloody drummer in England, near enough, including a lot of people I knew. The one thing that was really surprising to me was that in such a small place as London with the grapevine as it was at that time, you’d generally hear of what’s going on. I hadn’t heard a word about this guy and he’d been in the country a couple of weeks up to that point. He’d played with Cream and Zoot Money and people that I knew and it really fazed me. The drummers they’d auditioned, who were mates of mine, hadn’t mentioned anything to me. Mind you not being blase about it, if I had heard something in the weeks before, would I have done anything about it? I was still with Georgie Fame, not on a wage but getting paid by the gig, doing quite a lot for an eighteen to nineteen year old kid. It would have been difficult to pass up, say £120 a week average, and go – as it turned out – to basically nothing [ie £20 a week. Ed.].”

    Jimi - guitar.
    Noel Redding – bass
    Producer: Chas Candler

    Songs: [unknown]
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