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Thread: 1967-01-17 Ready Steady Radio, Tiles, London

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    1967-01-17 Ready Steady Radio, Tiles, London

    Tuesday 17 January 1967
    London, ‘Ready, Steady, Radio!’, Tiles, 79-89 Oxford Street, UK, JHE
    JMcD has no entry for this date
    Possible recording for Radio Luxembourg program between 19:00 and 23:30??
    If they were recorded playing, rather than just interviews, Noel would probably have been using Chas’ four-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    The show appears not to have been broadcast and no recordings exist.

    Song/s, if there were any: unknown

    Noel: “After a radio appearance on 17 January, we ran up a huge bar bill of over two quid. Even after pooling our money, we couldn’t cover it.”

    Clem Dalton: “[During the golden days of Carnaby Street and Kings Road, when London was the city that mattered, the Tiles club at 79-89 Oxford Street was virtually the biggest club in Europe and part of some sort of underground city. It included a massive mall and several shops providing the essential paraphernalia one needed for an adequately hip social performance. On Tuesday nights Radio Luxembourg had a program titled "Ready, Steady, Radio!" from Tiles. Most of the major acts of the time had one of their first radio appearances from a taped show at Tiles (which was later sent on to Luxembourg). Kenny Everett and I were the two DJ's on the spot, providing very long non-stop programs from a small DJ stand with three turntables. While at work one night in late 1966, I noticed a weird-looking apparition approaching the DJ stand, dressed in a big black cloak with a metal chain around his neck and a very strange hairstyle.] He made me think of Batman, looking like as if somebody had pulled him through the whole bush backwards. [I was surprised to find that Jimi spoke with a very soft, gentle voice and behaved completely like a gentleman. He introduced himself, adding that he was American and had come over to England to form a three-piece band. This was completely unique at that time - the usual group consisting of three guitarists and a drummer. Jimi pulled out an acetate copy of "Hey Joe", saying they had just recorded this – ‘Could you please play it for me some time?’ [I answered ‘yes, sure’ and with this I put the acetate on a stack of other records to play 'some time'. People walking in with acetates was a very common thing then. I had never heard of Jimi Hendrix before and soon forgot about the acetate. I never played it nor listened to it while off-duty. About a week or so later Jimi showed up again: ‘Excuse me, could I please have my record back?’ Jimi went on saying that tonight they were to play a very important gig in Kingly Street at the Bag O' Nails, their first major appearance before a large hip London audience plus important members of the music press.] Here I blew it. I could have been the first person to play the Jimi Hendrix Experience and "Hey Joe" in public. I simply blew it! And the acetate itself would be worth a fortune today.”
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