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Thread: 1967-01-31 Saville Theatre, London

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    1967-01-31 Saville Theatre, London

    Tuesday 31 January 1967,
    Saville Theatre, London. JHE

    Noel: “Got up at 8 o’clock. Went to Saville Theatre. Filming with Kit Lambert. Filmed until 5.30.” “Got 200-watt Marshalls today.”

    Filming the Hey Joe promo film, Jimi is wearing a blue velvet suit; the ‘Gypsy’ waistcoat; a white shirt w. cufflinks; pince-nez shades; the pinky ring; white/rose strat w. red ‘cowboy’ strap.
    Noel is using Chas’ 4-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    Film (mimed to ‘Hey Joe’) by Peter Whitehead (Wholly Communion, b/w (1965); Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London, colour (1967); Benefit Of The Doubt, colour & b/w (1967)):
    3 mins, silent (mimed to the Hey Joe 45 mono mix), colour.
    The only known complete copy of this mimed promo film available/surviving is a B&W print – from a Swedish TV broadcast (of a program called, "Drop In" on 5 March - it is said). It was possibly shown elsewhere as well.
    The original colour print can now only be partly seen in much later edits, (made by Peter Clifton for an Australian TV series, ‘Now Time.’ – early 1968) with added footage from Whitehead’s live Saville filming as well as some from the later Christmas On Earth show (filmed by Peter Neal (Experience (1968)) and used in Tommy Weber's [unreleased?] 1968 film Watch Out For Your Ears). Another Peter Clifton edit from ’68/’69 for his film Popcorn (1969), based on footage from the ‘Now Time’ TV series, also includes a cowboy shoot out!

    Chas: "We were one of the first groups to create a music video."

    02. UK BBC TV broadcast of 'Top of the Pops' between 19:30 & 20:00.
    The last time a ‘live’ in studio, pre-recorded JHE backing track was used
    JHE live recording from 29 December 1966?
    02. Darlington, ‘R&B Club’ at the Imperial Hotel (‘The Imp’), Grange Road, County Durham, England.
    JHE concert at 20:00
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