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Thread: 1966-09-24 Zoot Money's, Fulham Rd., London

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    1966-09-24 Zoot Money's, Fulham Rd., London

    23 September Disc & Music Echo, Eric Burdon announces that Chas is managing a “blues singer” in New York (ie 1st mention of Hendrix in the press). He also, tellingly, says, ‘I don't know what music Chas is keen on.’

    24 September 1966 Jimmy arrives in London, visits Zoot Money's, Fulham Rd. London,

    Chas: “On the plane he had been worrying how his American style of playing would fit with English guys, so I decided when we got to London Airport to drive to Zoot Money’s, which was on the way into town. I thought if he met Zoot it would dispel his fears about English musicians.
    We arrived at Zoot’s house at 11 a.m. and Jimi started jamming for two or three hours. The house was full of musicians and it made him feel he could settle in England. He took to Zoot like a fish to water.”

    Later story told to Univibes by who?: “Jimi tried to play a white Fender Telecaster [how about he played his own (well, Richards’ really) white Fender Stratocaster which he had brought over from the US? Ed.], which probably belonged to Andy Summers, but as Zoot was booked for a gig later that night, all his equipment was at the gig [but not Summers’ guitar? Ed.], so they tried to plug the guitar through the stereo without success, Jimi played the rest of the time on Zoot’s acoustic guitar. There were six people in all: Jimi, Chas, Zoot, Ronnie, Andy Summers [he wasn’t there. Ed.], and one other unknown person [how about Terry McVay who had carried Jimi’s guitar and was travelling with them? Ed.] [...].”

    UniVibes: Did you jam with Jimi Hendrix on his first day in London?
    Andy Summers: Not on his first day - actually, no. I used to see him around `cause I was very connected with all the people at the time. I actually jammed with him once in Los Angeles [...].
    UV: There's a story that on his first day in London he went over to Zoot Money's basement.
    AS: Right.
    UV: And supposedly you were there...
    AS: Well, we lived together, yeah.
    UV: And then you had a jam along with...
    AS: No, I don't think that's true, actually. He was around and he did come over sometimes. I was friends with Chas Chandler who had sort of `discovered' him and brought him over. I remember him calling me and telling me he's got this amazing guy. The first time I actually saw him was... I went down to a place called, I think it was Blaises in the Cromwell Road. It was a club that we all used to go to and I walked in and there he was onstage playing with Brian Auger. At the time, of course, it was amazing. He had a white Strat and as I walked in he had it in his mouth and he had a huge Afro and he had on a sort of buckskin jacket [note this sounds more like the 1968 TTG sessions which he continues on with. Ed.] with fringes that were to the floor [exaggeration – Daltrey at Woodstock image? Ed.], I mean... Yeah, it was intense and it was really great. It kind of turned all the guitarists in London upside down at the time. Yeah, I remember when it all started up.

    Much later than Chas’ quote above:
    Zoot: “I had known Chas from the days when he and the Animals first came to London.
    For some reason, when they landed in England, Jimi didn’t have a guitar [note: Linda Keith, Kathy and Terry McVay all say he arrived with a white Stratocaster (Keith Richard’s). Ed.] Chas was planning to show Jimi off around the clubs, but Jimi didn’t want to do that without playing.
    So Chas brought him round to my house because he knew I’d have guitars around. We chatted for about an hour, and the first thingI noticed was that he was very courteous, which was uncommon in the music business at that time.
    My whole band lived in the house, which had been split up into flats. It was a musician’s enclave. I offered Jimi my Wampree, a rather unusual model which he didn’t like the look of so I had to find him something else.
    My guitarist, Andy Summers, was out that day [as were the rest of the band and all their gear, (which would include Andy’s guitar) apparently. Ed.], but I could get down to the basement where he kept his guitars [how many guitars would a 23-year-old, playing with a merely jobbing band, in London be able to afford at that time? He was lucky he could afford what was probably the only decent guitar he owned his, no doubt treasured, Telecaster], so I nipped down and brought back a Telecaster [‘a Telecaster’, like he had several ha-ha. Ed.] and gave that to Jimmy on loan [ie he’s saying here that Jimi didn’t own, or have a guitar at that point, that he had arrived in London minus a guitar which contradicts everyone else. He is further claiming that he lent Jimi a guitar, ie to take with him – without asking the owner who would be needing it for the show that night!!?? Ed.].”

    Kathy: “Ronnie came running up to my flat and said, ‘Kathy, you got to come down, Chas has just brought this guy back from America and he looks like the Wild Man of Borneo.’ So I said, ‘All right, I’ll come down,’ but I wasn’t so keen to get out of bed and by the time I got down they were leaving, so I didn’t meet him, But Ronnie said they were all going down to the Scotch of St. James that evening.”

    Chas: “He [ie ‘we’ Ed.] booked into the Hyde Park Towers hotel and started to meet [ie ‘I introduced him to’. Ed.] all the other musicians in London.”

    25 September 1966 Hyde Park Towers, 41-49 Inverness Terrace, London SW1
    Kathy: “We were woken up in the hotel by a girl who burst into the room, grabbed Jimi's guitar and walked out. Jimi told me she was an English girl he'd been sleeping with in America called Linda Keith who had purchased the guitar for him. Later, after we were up, she came back, took off all her clothes and climbed into the bed. She said Jimi could have his guitar back on condition that he got into bed with her. For once he refused such an offer and sent her on her way."

    <29 September 1966, Hyde Park Towers, London

    Kathy: “Just after Jimi arrived, when we were staying in the Hyde Park Towers Hotel, there were long conversations about what the Jimi Hendrix band should be like. Originally Chas was thinking along the lines of something like the Animals with five people – Jimi and a rhythm guitarist, a bass guitarist, keyboard and drums. Jimi wasn’t sure about the keyboard but was willing to go along with Chas’ expertise. He still thought that another guitar and a bass guitar were needed like his old band the Blue Flame.”
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