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Thread: Lot of Hendrix bootleg CDRs - anyone interested?

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    Lot of Hendrix bootleg CDRs - anyone interested?


    I've checked my shelf and found many titles I do not need anymore; all are CDR copies of original silver pressed bootlegs. All have full colour covers made from original artwork on heavy paper printed in professional studio, high quality. Blanks are original EMTEC discs.

    Anyone interested? I can give them away for free except person interested needs to pay postage costs.

    Come On Stockholm 1970, 2cd (JH-001/002)
    Aloha!, 1cd (no label)
    Aloha! Again, 1cd (no label)
    Hendrix For Everyone, 5cd (no label fan made release of 5-hour long radio broadcast)
    More Electricity From Newport, 1cd (Luna Records LU 9201)
    Lost Winterland Tapes, 2cd (Starquake SQ-05-1,2)
    It Never Takes An End, 1cd (The Swingin' Pig Records TSP-CD-116)
    The Warm Hello From The Sun, 2cd (no label)
    The Wild Man Of Pop Plays Volume 1 & 2, 2cd (Pyramid Records RFT CD 003/4)
    Winterland Volume 1, 2cd (Whoopy Cat WKP-0025/26)
    Winterland Volume 2, 2cd (Whoopy Cat WKP-0027/28)
    Riots In Berkeley, 1cd (BM 38)
    On The Killing Floor, 2cd (The Swingin' Pig Records TSP-CD-012/13)

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    Re: Lot of Hendrix bootleg CDRs - anyone interested?

    hi Zepster, if possible I would really like to receive these against the postage needed! my pm is
    best regards,


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    Re: Lot of Hendrix bootleg CDRs - anyone interested?

    Hey ! That's really descent of you to offer.. I would like to get the "Wild man of Pop" cd. I used to have an mp3 single disc of this title, and remember it as being quite the "eye opener", of some excellent early Hendrix performances. I will gladly pay the postage and give that CD a new home of appreciation.
    Thx Zepster.
    BTW Im going to be in Boston n Sept. to catch a performance of Mr. Robert Plant..Buush!


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