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Thread: 1967-02-27 De Lane Lea, London. Cancelled

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    1967-02-27 De Lane Lea, London. Cancelled

    Monday 27 February 1967. No gig
    De Lane Lea Music Ltd, 129 Kingsway, London.
    Session cancelled, only Noel turned up.

    London, Bruce Fleming studio photos
    Cape; red velvet suit (poor colour balance makes suit look ‘orangey’ in some prints); ‘Gypsy’ waistcoat; black satin shirt; red & black neckerchief.

    Noel: "Photos"

    Tuesday 28 February 1967. No gig
    London, Speakeasy
    Chat: Blue?/red? velvet suit; white shirt w. black buttons; plain neckerchief.

    late- February 1967
    London, Montagu Sq.

    #1 ‘Hussars’ jacket; ‘Gypsy’ waistcoat; black satin shirt; red & black neckerchief; L&R pinky rings; smooth, flared, black trousers w. purple neckerchief ‘belt’.
    #2 (See above) except: blue satin shirt; new pattern, green & red neckerchief.

    1. Purley (London), The Orchid Ballroom, Brighton Road, Surrey, England. JHE
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