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Thread: 1967-03-06 Vibrato TV

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    1967-03-06 Vibrato TV, St Pieters Woluwe, Belgium

    Monday 6 March 1967 No gig.
    St Pieters Woluwe, in Zonienwoud [‘Zonien Wood’, a forest], Belgium. JHE.

    Filmed for the Radio Télévision Belge (RTB) (French language) TV show ‘Vibrato’.
    Jan Waldrop interviewed Jimi here for the Belgium magazine Humo (published 18 March, with the title ‘Jimi Hendrix Shows His Teeth’).
    Filmed next to a pond, ‘De Vijver Van De Verdronken Kinderen’ (‘The Pond Of Drowned Children’) in the forest, some snow is still on the ground.
    ‘Hussars’ jacket; ‘gypsy’ waistcoat; black satin shirt; slightly patterned (purple?) neckerchief; rings; red velvet suit trousers; sunburst/rose strat w. black ‘cowboy’ strap.
    They were luckier than the Kinks who, on an earlier date, also had to mime in the forest, but when it was snowing! Incidentally Dave was using his Flying V [67-09-04 Stockholm - Jimi: “Haven’t you seen a guitar like this before? [ie Flying V] Gollee.” Aud : “Yeah, Kinks guitar…” Ed.]
    No film of them miming to the 45 single has been found, only some colour photos.


    Hey Joe (45 single)

    Mitch: “Most places in Europe that we hit, we did broadcasts, even if it meant getting up at the crack of dawn and going out and miming to your latest record in a field, while it was snowing [see Kinks above Ed.]. We used to think, ‘What the hell are we doing this for?', but obviously it paid off in terms of publicity.

    Jean Coghe: “Jimi returned to the Hotel Central. I interviewed Jimi in his room (for Rock & Folk #6, June 1967).
    After the interview the company (Noel had already gone to bed) gathered in a bar opposite the hotel. Here Jimi drew the words "Are You Experienced" on the back of the beer mat.
    Jimi, Mitch, Chas, Gerry Stickells, Rikki Stein, Tony Garland and I enjoyed dinner at restaurant La Ligne Droite, 39 Rue des Bouchers, near the Grand Place, Brussels.
    After the meal we visited the Black and White club.”
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