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Thread: 1967-01-18 Top Of The Pops, London.

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    1967-01-18 BBC Top Of The Pops, Lime Grove Studios, London.

    Wednesday 18 January 1967
    ‘Top Of The Pops’, BBC Lime Grove Studio, London. JHE

    with the Ladybirds on backing vocals (Maggie Stredder, Marian Davies, Gloria George?/and or Barbara Moore? See 29-12-66).
    Dressing room: No.59
    Interview for unknown paper.
    Rehearsal at 17:00. Recording, live vocals, mimed instruments to backing track of 45.
    Noel was probably using Chas’ 4-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    BBC 1 TV broadcast on 19 January.
    BBC chart @ No. 13
    Presenter: (Ex Radio Lukembourg DJ) Allan “Fluff” Feeman
    Producer: Johnnie Stewart
    No film known to survive, or even any known photographs from this session!

    Hey Joe (Billy Roberts) (7)

    Barbara Moore: “Ah, Jimi Hendrix. ‘Round about ‘65 or ‘66, [more like ’67, but possibly both, or neither. Ed.] if I remember correctly. He had a massive hit, this dear little gentleman, wa’-called ‘’Hey Joe’. And he came when I was working with the Ladybirds, we did Wednesdays at Lime Grove BBC, Top of the Pops and [a] wonderful experience. In those days it was done with a live orchestra, Johnny Pearson was the MD, a lovely man. A big orchestra of the BBC and in comes this rather bedraggled, skinny looking, coloured lad carrying a guitar, well, dragging it really, with his bass and drums eh. They set themselves up on a little rostrum and we three Ladybirds were opposite them standing ‘round our mic’ and the song was called ‘Hey Joe’. And one watched the BBC players, sort of, “Oh God, what the Hell is this,” looking in despair; and little Jimi Hendrix looked at them, realised he was being disapproved of by these elderly gentlemen and he just took his guitar out and he went, ‘Voloingonondoidoidoioing,’ and the sound, ha-ha, reverberated, ha-ha, through the Woodlane [sic, ‘Lime Grove’] studio. But everybody standing on end to a super performance. He did the song and we did his backing things, which was a fabulous experience. And the orchestra stood up and gave him a clap at the end.
    And abou’, he was also starving to death this little chap, didn’t eat. [Unfortunately she then starts waffling stuff she’s heard years later: “Why? Because his manager, I trust deceased, I think he is, never gave him his true money. He was fed in heroin [sighs] and kept at a state of total dependance.”] And we three Ladybirds used to take him up to BBC canteen and fill him with good old shepherd’s pie and whatever. And I always think of him with deep affection and how sad to hear of his early death. Because he was exploited. Wow.” [background: “Mh-hm.” “We could get sued for that.”]

    18. London W1, 7 ˝ Club, 5 Whitehorse Street, Mayfair, England.
    JHE concert (60 minutes)
    19. London W1, The Speakeasy, 48 Margaret Street, Fitzrovia, England.
    JHE concert between 22:00 and 04:00.
    20. London NW1, Country Club, 210a Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park.
    JHE concert (60 minutes) between 22:00 and 04:00.
    21. London NW11, The Refectory, 911 Finchley Road, Golders Green, England.
    JHE concert (50 minutes)
    22. Oldham, Astoria, Top Rank Dancing, Union Street, Lancashire, England.
    JHE concert (60 minutes) between 19:30 and 22:30
    23. No gig, London.

    Tuesday 24 January 1967
    Bruce Fleming’s photos

    1st photo of cape; ‘gypsy’ waistcoat; black satin shirt; red ‘iron cross’ necklace; the pinky ring; maroon trousers (unknown how long he has had them as they look very dark in B&W photo); Noel yet again looking like he’s wet his pants ha-ha-ha!

    24. London W1, The Marquee, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, England.
    Jimi, pre gig photo shoot (unplugged) with Barry J. Peake, Paul Popper, and Ray Stevenson.
    24. London W1, The Marquee, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, England.
    JHE concert (60 minutes)
    25. Norwich, The Orford Cellar, 15-17 Red Lion Street, Norfolk, England.
    JHE concert (60 minutes) at 20:00
    26. London W1, 34 Montagu Square flat
    Jimi photos by Paul Popper and, maybe, Dutch photographer Rob Bosboom.
    27. Bromley, Chislehurst Caves, Old Hill, Kent, England.
    JHE concert.

    Saturday 28 January 1967,
    London W1, 34 Montagu Square flat, Jimi

    Petra Niemeier (photographer): “We did some pictures at his house. It was a very nice, comfortable, three-storey house, and he was quite house-proud. Domesticity seemed to be new to him, and he was enjoying it. He was very shy, but very nice. He was in the mood for clowning around a bit.
    We did some shots in the street, shopping and things, then went to a club in the evening where he was doing a show. He wore a blue velvet suit all day—he didn't have a separate outfit to go on stage, just what he happened to be wearing.”

    Kathy Etchingham: “While we were living in Ringo Starr's flat at 34 Montagu Square Jimi came back one night with this knitted doll, stuffed with stockings, that a fan had given him. Here he is, pretending to be asleep with the doll. I remember we tried to get him to cuddle it, but this was as close as we could get. For some reason we hung onto this doll and when we moved, first to Upper Berkeley Street and then to Brook Street, the doll came with us. I don't have the doll anymore, but I do still have that shell ashtray.You can also see one of Jimi's famous army jackets on the bed.”

    28. London E7, The Upper Cut, 15 Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, England.
    JHE concert (60 minutes) between 19:30 and 23:30
    29. London, Saville Theatre, 135-149 Shaftsbury Avenue, Soho, England.
    JHE rehearsal & two shows (30 mins each).
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