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Thread: 1968-01-06 Star Club, København, Denmark

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    1968-01-06 Star Club, København, Denmark

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    Hotel Nordland room 103.
    Sten Lau (Nye Borge): “After interviews with TV and a youth show on radio, he arrived back at the hotel, where he drank a Tuborg beer in his room and slept until 12 at night - over 5 hours.”

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    København, Star Club, Denmark, JHE
    Jam with the house-band [name?]

    Songs: unknown

    Sten Lau (Nye Borge): “Then he went to the Star Club for 3 hours. First, Jimi Hendrix and his musicians were denied entry. But later in the evening they were admitted. Jimi was annoyed he had to pay the 10 crown entrance fee. While he sat eating chicken, two male guests snatched his ring-adorned hat off his head and ran out the door. The hat theft affected him so deeply that his hands shook. He had to strike four matches before he could light his cigarette.”

    Ole ‘Frø’ Alstrup: “[Jimi Mitch and Noel jammed with the house-band [name?]. After that Jimi wanted to be left alone, which I respected as a fellow musician. So I took Mitch and Noel to a private party and after suggesting a water-pipe we got very stoned.”

    ?: “[Jimi spent time at the ‘Star Club’ with journalist Helle Hellmann.]”

    Steen Utche: “On the ground floor of the ‘Star Club’ there was a special bar reserved for musicians and selected guests, a kind of closed section. I talked with Jimi there, while Jimi was enjoying his meal, his hat was stolen. This was a great loss to Jimi as it wasn’t just a hat. Jimi’s hands were trembling so much after the theft that it took four matches to light his next Benson & Hedges cigarette. Jimi was feeling devastated about it. I remember Jimi holding onto Ole because he said that he would help Jimi get back his hat, by finding out who had been in the bar that night...”

    Neville Chesters: “[Arrived Jonkoping, checked into Portalen Hotel, watched Black and White Minstrel show on TV.]”

    Sten Lau (Nye Borge): “At half past four in the morning, Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell said good night.”
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