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Thread: 1968-02-02 or 03 unknown venue, San Francisco

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    1968-02-02 or 03 unknown venue, San Francisco

    Friday 2?/3? February 1968
    San Francisco, unknown venue, CA, USA. JHE
    It is claimed that Mick Taylor and members of the Bluesbreakers jam with Jimi Hendrix (gtr).

    Songs: unknown

    Noel: “In San Francisco, where everyone was as stoned as us and very receptive, we just jammed all night. One night Mitch tried to do a Keith Moon trick—jumping on to his floor tom-tom. Only Mitch was getting rather thin (his arms looked more like matchsticks flailing half-hidden behind, behind his kit.) and when he jumped upon it, the drum bounced him right off.”

    Mick Taylor: “One night Jimi Hendrix came down to the Speakeasy in London when I was playing with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, and he sat in with us. Mayall used to have a recording, but it was destroyed in that fire in Laurel Canyon. And after our show at Winterland with Albert King and Jimi, we went and played somewhere until about five in the morning. It was kind of like The Grateful Dead meets the blues. Jack Casady from Jefferson Airplane was there. I don‘t think we played songs we just played riffs and notes, anything. Jimi was always playing the guitar, he was absolutely obsessed. Sometimes when he got to a show, he’d go to the dressing room, plug the guitar into an amplifier, and play until his show started. He actually always liked my guitar playing, and in those days I was just a beginner. But he was very modest, very humble, in a very genuine, sincere way, too. I think he realised he had an incredible gift, but he was kind of reluctant to take too much credit for it himself.”
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