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Thread: 1969-01-07 Record Plant, New York City

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    1969-01-07 Record Plant, New York City

    Tuesday 7 January 1969, Record Plant, New York City.
    Jimi asked Mike for the highlights of the October 1968 TTG sessions to be edited out for evaluation.
    Engineer Jack Adams provided these:

    ‘Messenger’ take 15
    ‘Mr. Lost Soul’ take 17
    ‘The New Rising Sun’ take 2
    ‘Jam Session’ take 6
    ‘Peace In Mississippi’ take 15
    ‘Izabella’ take 18
    ‘Jam #1’ with Lee Michaels & Buddy Miles
    ‘Jam #2’ with Lee Michaels
    ‘Electric Church’
    ‘Calling All The Devils Children’
    ‘Jam #4’ with extra percussion

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