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Thread: 1969-03-07 Olympic Sound, London

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    1969-03-07 Olympic Sound, London

    Friday 7 March 1969
    Olympic Sound Studios, London. No gig.
    Monika goes back home to Dusseldorf.
    Jimi calls in on a session by Noel’s Fat Mattress but doesn’t contribute

    08 no gig London
    US: AYE 60 Billboard
    US: ELL 48 Billboard
    09 no gig London
    10 no gig London
    11 no gig London
    12 no gig London


    13 No gig NYC Jimi (only) flies in and books into the Garden Suite of the Pierre Hote
    It is not known on what or on how many days in March Jimi worked on ‘Electric Church’. Or what his ‘production’ entailed, but apparently it wasn’t a lot.

    14 No gig NYC Interestingly Jimi writes a letter (on Hotel Elysee paper) to Uschi Obermaier (for the first & possibly the only time), asking her to visit him in New York, but she is off around the world with her man {Thanks to ‘kees1954’ for correcting the letter date}. Kathy will arrive in only a few days time.
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