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Thread: 1966-09-28 Harold Davidson office, London

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    1966-09-28 Harold Davidson office, London

    Wednesday 28 September 1966
    London W1, Harold Davidson Ltd., Regent House, 233-241 Regent Street, England

    Noel Redding: “I was twenty. I got me guitar and went to London with ten bob in my pocket. I was going to take a job when I saw in the Melody Maker that Eric Burdon wanted a guitarist*.”

    “"It all came to a point in the summer of 1966, I wasn't getting enough work and thought I'd change from guitar to drums. I used to play drums a bit in those days when there weren't any drummers, so I thought I'd sell my guitar and amp and get some drums. But I was on the way up to London on the train from Kent when I got a ‘Melody Maker’ and saw an ad, announcing auditions for Eric Burdon and ‘The New Animals’*. I had met Eric six months before in a club, when he had jammed with the band I was in [The Loving Kind]. So I went around to this office – I think it was ‘The Harold Davison Organisation’ – and they said, “Oh yes, the audition is at the ‘Birdland’ club. Turn up tomorrow.” So I went back to Kent on the train.”

    “‘Melody Maker’ had one of the best ‘Musicians Wanted’ ads. One caught my eye. Eric Burdon was auditioning guitarists for the ‘New Animals’*. The address given was Harold Davidson’s ultra plush offices near Regent Street. It was intimidating just to walk through the door of one of the biggest agencies in London. I caught the first person I saw (probably Dick Katz) and laid my hype on him. Johnny Kidd, Johnny Hallyday, etc - trying to be impressive. He told me to go to ‘Birdland’ - a downstairs nightclub off Jermyn Street - the next day.”

    *Note: It was not an advert; there was just a brief article that mentioned Burdon still hadn’t finalised the line-up.

    “I went down there because Eric Burdon, about six months previously—we were playing up in London in a club—he come up and sang a couple of songs with us, and he said he was well impressed with the band.”

    Wednesday 28 September 1966
    London, London W1, Anim/Yameta office
    [probably], 39 Gerrard Street, Soho, England.
    Jimmy was probably informed here that his seven day non-work residence permit (until 30th) was extended by three months to 28 December.

    Kathy: “He couldn’t work here until he had a permit. That was the number one priority. He couldn’t have gone to France because he wouldn’t have been able to come back in again, ‘cause in those days you had to have a visa to come here from France. So he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t work abroad or anything.”

    Note: Soft Machine visited France in 1967 to play a couple of gigs and when they came back through UK customs their guitarist, Daevid Allen (Australian), was refused re-entry, due to passport ‘irregularities’. He ended up staying in France and formed ‘Gong’.
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