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Thread: 1968-01-06 Peberkværnen, broadcast? Danmarks Radio TV, Denmark

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    1968-01-06 Peberkværnen, broadcast? Danmarks Radio TV, Denmark

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    Neville Chesters: “[Dropped group at Stockholm Airport. Drove to Jonkoping... ]”
    Group checked into Hotel Nordland, København. Jimi’s room 103.

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    Danmarks Radio TV studio, København
    Interview by Carsten Grolin, “...and one or two songs, playback”. Group must have taken their instruments with them on the plane, or borrowed?, Neville and their van were still in Sweden. For Peberkværnen [‘pepper mill’], ‘Magasin for tennagere’. Broadcast between 17:15 & 17:40
    No recording is known to exist. Karsten Laybourn says DR TV told him (1995?) there is no tape now and it was not broadcast.
    This was a very controversial, satirical, comedy show. I haven't seen anything to suggest it featured music? Anyone? If the music was broadcast, the 'Toppop' show seems to be more likely?

    Song/s [? unknown]

    Carsten Grolin: “The interview took about five minutes and was transmitted live. Following the interview, Jimi and Co. performed one or two songs – playback. In those days, groups had to mime as the technicians simply couldn’t deal with rock. After the show, Jimi and I shared a joint out in the canteen-garden of Danmarks Radio. That was the last time I talked to him.”

    Saturday 6? January 1968
    Denmark [Unknown paper] (above program info)

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    BERLINGSKE TIDENDE (page 34) [...] On Thursday afternoon he was still drunk, but could perform in Göteborg in the evening. The police have kept his passport, and he's had a special permit issued to go to København today. In the afternoon he will be interviewed for the TV show "Peberkværnen".

    Saturday 6 January 1968
    Hotel Nordland room 103.
    Steen Utche (Nye Borg photographer): “Photographer Bent Rej told me that Jimi was staying at the Hotel Nordland, so I drove down and was told by the hall porter that Jimi wasn’t staying there! I decided to wait in the reception area. After an hour I met Elin Fischer there, a girl who worked as a go-go girl at Star Club. She told me, ‘I’m going up to Jimi so just come along.’ When we got up there, Jimi was sitting on a big bed with lots of pillows, together with a Danish girl, probably a groupie, who I didn’t know...[rest of interview?]”
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