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Thread: 1970-05-22 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio *Canceled*

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    1970-05-22 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio *Canceled*

    Canceled due to "illness"

    Source "Inside The Experience" By Mitch Mitchell gig list. The cities of this and the 2 canceled shows that followed are listed . This and the next 2 shows are also listed as being canceled due to "illness" in The JImi Henrix Concerts LP liner notes. Attached is a copy of the poster from the canceled show.
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    Re: 1970-05-22 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio *Canceled*

    Friday 29 May (6 Jun.) 1970
    BILLBOARD (page 20) Talent
    ‘From The Music Capitals Of The World’ by James D. Kingsley:
    . . . Jimi Hendrix called off his appearance at Cincinnati Gardens, Friday, May 22, just a few hours before show time. Advance sale had been reported as nil.

    Friday 12 (20) June 1970
    BILLBOARD (page 20)
    (Page 53) From The Music Capitals Of The World
    “CINCINNATI . . .Cincinnati Gardens suffered it’s second no-show in recent weeks when blues singer Janis Joplin cancelled out at the last minute Sunday, June 7th. Jimi Hendrix was the other offender several weeks ago. Cancellations were attributed to poor advance sales. . .”

    His previous concert had been a financial disaster:

    Wednesday 20 May 1970
    EVENING BULLETIN (page?) ‘Hendrix Concert a Bust’, ‘How to Take a Bath for $35,000’ report by Walter F. Naedele: “The word around town this week is that the Jimi Hendrix concert at the Temple Stadium last Saturday was one of the biggest financial losses for a single rock concert in the last few years. Lou Petro, one of the major backers of the concert, said last night: ‘We only lost $35,000.’ In showbiz argot, that is known as ‘taking a bath.’
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