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Thread: 1968-01-12 [probably?] USA, Reprise release Axis: Bold As Love

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    1968-01-12 [probably?] USA, Reprise release Axis: Bold As Love

    Friday 12 (20) January 1968
    BILLBOARD (Page 3) ‘WB Sales Meetings Get 2 Million Albums’
    LOS ANGELES—Warners-Seven Arts 22-city tour to introduce 14 new January albums has resulted in more than 2 million orders, reports the label. Four teams of executives traveled the nation from Jan. 2-6 with information and displays of the new product for audiences consisting of distributors, their sales personnel and often major rack jobbers.
    The local meetings were termed a success by the company which felt that local contact with sales people is even more effective than regional conferences which the company has been using instead of a national convention. This year, however, WB celebrates its 10th anniversary with a national convention in Hawaii in July.
    As a result of the orders written during the 22-city campaign, the company reports sales running 20 per cent ahead of its forecasts. Included in the release are product by Petula Clark, Bill Cosby, San Sebastian Strings, Bonniwell Music Machine, Hamilton Camp and Bud Dashiell (on WB); Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Kinks, Fugs, Don Ho, Trini Lopez, Jeremy and the Satyrs and Ramblin' Jack Elliott (on Reprise).
    Monaural Out
    At the meetings the company announced it was halting its production of monaural albums to go to an exclusive stereo concept. Radio promotion copies will, however, continue to be released monaurally.
    According to marketing vice-president Joel Friedman, distributors were talking about:
    • Chicago radio stations which have virtually accepted stereo-only albums for airplay.
    • Interest in avant-garde product by pop/hippie acts.
    • Avoiding of product by adult-appealing acts geared toward catalog movement.
    • Avoiding of pop product by marginal artists during the short Christmas season.
    • Avoiding of Christmas product with a Christmas theme by these same marginal acts.
    • Receiving smaller release schedules from their labels so as to provide better sales-promotion concentration on the product.
    To exploit its artists in the avant-garde, underground field, WB plans advertising in the underground press and on FM radio. It will also offer exploitation films for TV, the first of which spotlights Jimi Hendrix, whose debut LP on Reprise has gone past 350,000 copies sold. For the New York group, the Fugs, sales have gone over the 20,000 mark.
    (Page 22/23) [B&W advert with cover pictures of recent releases: Petula Clark; ‘The Sky’ by San Sebastian Strings; ‘Hooray For The Salvation Army Band!’ [comedy take on Purple Haze] by Bill Cosby; Bud Dashiel; Bonniwell Music Machine; Hamilton Camp]: ‘Warner Reprise Chart Juggernaut Get’s ’68 Underway!!! All chart bound names with new product to start the year with a torrential talent windfall. And the [Warners ‘W’ logo] youthquake rolls on to; Jeremy & The Satyrs… The Bonniwell Music Machine… Ramblin’ Jack Elliot… The Fugs – The Kinks… The Youthquake is what’s happening - and [Warners ‘W’ logo] is where it happens. All backed by a poweful merchandising program, nationally supported by ads in underground papers throughout the country…eye-catching posters… photo blowups… album displays… concentration on college radio stations…all aimed at a youthquake buying audience with more dollars and more leisure time. The chart juggernaut is underway![pictures of album covers for: Jeremy & The Satyrs; ‘Instant Happy’ by Don Ho; ‘Something Else’ by The Kinks; ‘Tenderness Junction’ by The Fugs; ‘Axis: Bold As Love’; Frank Sinatra & Duke Ellington; ‘Young Brigham’ by Ramblin’ Jack Elliot; ‘It’s A Great Life’ by Trini Lopez]
    (Page 40) From The Music Capitals of the World
    The Procol Harum are in Germany to appear at Munich's Blow-Up Club and to film "Homburg" in Bremen for Beat-Club. . . . MGM's Barry Mason is currently promoting his single, "Rowbotton Square." in Cologne, the Saar and Luxembourg. . . . Stigwood-Yaskiel International has bought the rights to "Beautiful People," by Kenny O'dell on the Vegas label to be released on Polydor later this month. Promotion director Larry Yaskiel also acquired "Boogaloo Down Broadway from Soul Records while on a recent trip to the U. S. Other artists promoted by Stigwood-Yaskiel include Jimi Hendrix, Shirley Bassey, the Lovin’ Spoonful. Sandy Posey—all on Polydor.
    (Page 30) Rhythm & Blues
    ‘Best Selling R&B LP’s’
    20 bullet (23) Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix Experience
    (Page 60) Top LP’s
    20 (21) Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced? R 6261 (M) RS 6261 (S);
    100 bullet (162) Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight - Get That Feeling Capitol T 2856 (M) ST 2856 (S)
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