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Thread: 1969-01-04 London, BBC TV Centre Studios, UK

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    1969-01-04 London, BBC TV Centre Studios, UK

    Saturday 4 January 1969 – no gig
    London, BBC TV Centre Bar, White City.
    JHE probably got separate taxis there.
    Noel wore his ‘Plaster Casters’ T-shirt - they were very naughty boys
    Graham Oliver [guitar, ‘Saxon’]: “It was John ‘Upsy’ Downing’s first job to get the JHE gear to the BBC Television Center. John arrived early. He did not say if it was just him and Eric Barrett or him and Gerry Stickells, but he did say that it was at most two crew members only. Then there was a long wait since the JHE were doing several interviews that took a long time (I have done ‘Top Of The Pops’ and other BBC stuff and you are there all day from 10:00 onwards).
    Chris Welch: "I had gone to interview Jimi at the BBC in Shepherds Bush. There is a roof garden upstairs, so we sat out on the roof. He was always very generous, outgoing, and polite and he said, 'Would you like a drink?' I asked for a pint of lager. He went off to the bar and disap*peared for about ten minutes. Eventually he came back and he had bought everybody in the club a drink. It had taken him all this while to buy all that. The soundmen, the cameramen, whoever was working at the BBC that day, he went out and bought them a drink. I think he was trying to say, 'I'm glad to be back in London and it's really nice to meet everybody, all the people that gave me my first break.' He really felt that London was a home to him.”
    Interview by Chris Welch:
    Jimi: “We’re going to release another album in the next two months. It will be called First Wave Of The New Rising Sun [note:the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ film was originally titled “Wave”. Ed.], and we’d like to do a live album of the Albert Hall concert.
    The First Wave Of The New Rising Sun is my new life. Everybody has something to give of themselves and it’s not just money. I don’t know what’s happening in England, but the dollar bill is God in the States. All those pelican people just believe in money and nothing else.”
    [Melody Maker, 09-01-69]

    Saturday 4 January 1969
    London, ‘A Happening For Lulu’, BBC TV Centre studio, White City. JHE
    BBC 1 TV broadcast this live between 18:16 and 19:01
    Producer: Stanley Dorfman
    Noel: “We were booked for the Lulu show, which was so straight it was only natural that we would try to combat that atmosphere by having a smoke in our dressing room. In our haste, the lump of hash got away and slipped down the sink drainpipe [a 'bit' rather than a ‘lump’ then, it would not have slipped through the sink hole slits otherwise! Enough for a 3 skinner – maybe and why was the dickhead rolling a joint over a sink!? Weird, sounds like they were already stoned anyway – it’s all pretty ragged timing wise. Ed.]. Panic! We just couldn’t do this show straight - Lulu didn’t approve of smoking! [that has got to be utter bollocks, she was in no way a ‘policewoman’, her ‘image’ was super-straight, but she was part of the ‘scene’ at the time. Plus I'm sure Jimi could do no wrong, check the photos of her with Jimi at the 1967 ‘World Musician’ awards she is undeniably ‘licking her lips’ over him, he seems quite chuffed too? Ed.]
    I found a maintenance man and begged tools from him with the story of a lost ring. He was too helpful, offering to dismantle the drain for us. It took ages to dissuade him, but we succeeded in our task and had a great smoke [this is entirely contradictory. Ed.].”

    Chris Welch: “They pulled the pipes off the wall just to get this bit of hash out! It was exciting to be around Jimi…”

    Graham Oliver [guitar, ‘Saxon’] “John told me that Jimi was going through the songs with Mitch and Noel and he got the impression that Jimi was planning something but as this was John’s first gig with the JHE he was unaware of what was to come. However, John [‘Upsy’ Downing] was instructed not to let anybody near the power for the amps.”

    Chris Welch: “Lulu wanted to sing “Hey Joe” as a duet with Jimi, which he refused to do.”


    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (36)
    Hey Joe (41) (Billy Roberts)
    Sunshine Of Your Love (15) (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)

    Lulu: “It was great television. I think he just took it into his head to do it – it was a live show, it was the BBC, and you just didn't do that sort of thing. He apologised afterwards, but you knew that people would be talking about it for ever, you had a sense that it was history in the making.
    I wish I'd been standing there, but I think I was running off getting changed or something... or was I? Do you know, I don't remember ... I don't know if I was present in the full sense of being present. When things like that happen you're not quite there, if you see what I mean..."

    Noel Redding: “I remember watching the reaction from the audi*ence because the director's going 'aagh!' But we were live, they couldn't turn us off, and we were going out to millions of people in Britain. The director is going mad. We finished off and they faded out the program. I said, 'God, we're going to be banned from BBCtelevision now.’ We went upstairs for a pint and the director, Stanley Dorfman, came over and said, ‘That was brilliant!’”

    Graham Oliver [guitar, ‘Saxon’]: “When Jimi stopped playing ‘Hey Joe” and went into ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ John instinctively was “on guard” as he put it, as people started to react funny around him and Jimi mentioned, ‘We’re being put off the air!”
    John also told me that “we caught Jimi and Lulu having it off’ in the dressing room adjacent to the BBC bar.’ This was again told to me years later by someone else working at the Beeb. By the way the bar is still there; I was in it with John Entwhistle of The Who just prior to his death after filming Never Mind The Buzzcocks.’”

    Chris Welch: "It sounded great but it caused panic and con*fusion with the floor manager [laughs]. Lulu herself looked very worried. I remember this bloke in a brown coat, a union floor manager, shouting 'Pull the plugs on him!' I said, 'You can't do that, it's Jimi Hen*drix!' It was very funny to see.”

    Stanley Dorfman (producer): “It was marvellous. Jimi was just sensational! I didn’t mind him changing the tune - that was not a problem - it was brilliant, it was wonderful. But then it went on, and on, and on, and it was getting to the time when Lulu had to sing her [Eurovision] song. So I was sort of yelling to the manager to wind him up, and the floor manager was giving Jimi the wind-up sign, and he [the floor manager] was going on his knees... And he went on playing and the guy was sort of pleading with him to stop... I think afterwards we all had drinks, everything was okay. And then he was banned from BBC, by my bosses…”

    Mike Gibbins [drums, ‘The Iveys’ - later ‘Badfinger’]: “Here we were in suits as The Iveys, and Hendrix is doing Cream songs—on fucking heroin!” [where the fuck did he get the ‘heroin’ bit from! Ed.]
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