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Thread: 1966-03-01 (~) Allegro Studios? 1650 Broadway, New York City, NY

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    1966-03-01 (~) Allegro Studios? 1650 Broadway, New York City, NY

    1? March?/Feb? 1966
    New York City, Allegro Studios? 1650 Broadway, New York, USA
    Producer Johnny Brantley
    Early in the year, Hendrix plays in a band with Lonnie Youngblood on backing tracks forproducer,Johnny Brantley, including "Wipe the Sweat," which features Hendrix singing some ad-libbed lead vocal - his 1st. The backing track, with their vocals wiped, is later used by Brantley for Billy Lamont’s 1968 song “Sweet Thang” and later Lenny Howard’s “Keep The Faith Baby”
    The Icemen (singers Gino Armstrong and James Stokes)
    Hendrix and Youngblood play on The Icemen single: "(My Girl) She's a Fox" b/w "(I Wonder) What It Takes."
    "(My Girl) She's a Fox" was sampled for the backing to Amy Winehouse’s original demo of ‘He Can Only Hold Her’, it was later re-recorded with ‘sound alike’ musical backing replacing the sample.
    Also used as the backing track for John Legend’s ‘Slow Dance’
    Jimmy Norman
    Hendrix plays on Norman’s single: "You're Only Hurting Yourself" b/w "That Little Old Groovemaker Me”
    Mitch is with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, UK
    01 Hendrix, likely New York City or thereabout
    01 Rolling Stones. Auckland, Civic Theatre x2, New Zealand

    Check out
    THE source for all pre-experience US info.
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