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Thread: 1963-07-21 'Jolly Roger' club, Nashville, Tennessee

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    1963-07-21 'Jolly Roger' club, Nashville, Tennessee

    Sunday 21 July 1963
    Nashville, the Jolly Roger, Printers Alley, Tennessee, USA

    This appears to be the only club in Printer’s Alley Jimi played, it’s frequently mentioned in connection with him. The Black Poodle never. ‘Billy Cox & the Sandpipers’ (ie the King Kasuals inc. Hendrix) + Jimmy Hendrix & His Magic Guitar (backed by the “Sandpipers” ie the King Kasuals) (from a newspaper advert, I first saw displayed on 'The Night Train To Nashville' web site).

    Billy Cox: “Dead-Eye Dick" was the African-American barker and doorman at The Jolly Roger, one of the early integrated clubs in Printers Alley, downtown Nashville, where we played. I don't think we would ever be as lively and as excitedly promoted the way Dead-Eye announced, standing outside the club and at the end of the alley 'barking' about what was happening in the club.... Management suggested that we change our name for this engagement. So we changed from King Kasuals to Sandpipers, featuring Jimi...After we finished, back to King Kasuals...Jimi and I and the rest of the band (Leonard Moses, Buford Majors, and Harold Nesbitt) played there for about a month and a half. One of the groups we played behind while being house band was Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions. Later, Jimi, Harold (drummer) and I would tour the chitlin circuit with Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions. Great times, great people."
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