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Thread: 1963-12-XX ? /64-XX-XX? Palm Cafe, Harlem , NYC

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    1963-12-XX ? /64-XX-XX? Palm Cafe, Harlem , NYC

    Late 1963 early 1964
    New York City, Palm Cafe, Harlem, New York, USA
    : “He did ‘Walkin’ The Dog’ by Rufus Thomas, all by himself, and he really killed them, man, and from that time there was this certain crowd that really looked forward to him. Bought us drinks.”
    Some time in 1964 Bob Dylan takes LSD for the first time, Bob Neuwirth says it was during a long road trip. Bob had, reportedly, tried mescaline previously
    Sometime in 1964 Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead takes LSD for the first time. He and other members of the soon to be ‘Warlocks’ (later ‘Grateful Dead’) were playing in a ‘jug band’ called ‘Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions’
    [early] 1964
    London, Mitch joins the newly formed Coronets, they start touring UK clubs.
    Terry New: "...the Coronets ... was formed to back a TV actor called Chris Sandford who was then appearing regularly in Granada ITV's popular UK TV Soap Opera "Coronation Street"*. In it he played the part of a singing window cleaner who wanted to become a recording artist. He recorded "Not Too Little Not Too Much" which got quite high in the UK Charts. He needed a group to back him for live gigs and the Coronets were formed with: David Glasspool (bass), Norman Hale (keyboards/vocals - ex Tornados), Tony Cartwright (guitar/vocals), Terry New (guitar/vocals) and Mitch Mitchell (drums). Mitch was a friend of Chris Sandford, they met at an acting college.
    The Coronets never recorded under that name.
    Also in 1964, Mitch was among the drummers auditioning for the Who, as Pete Townshend recalls:
    "We tried a few drummers including Mitch Mitchell who went on to play with Jimi Hendrix. But Keith Moon appeared one day at one of our regular dates at the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford and as soon as he began to play we knew we'd found the missing link [ha-ha-ha, geddit? Ed.]."
    *According to Kathy Etchingham ‘The Street’ was one of Jimi’s favourite UK TV shows.
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