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Thread: 1964-01-30 ? Palm Cafe, Harlem, NYC

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    1964-01-30 ? Palm Cafe, Harlem, NYC

    End of January 1964
    New York City, Palm Cafe, Harlem, New York, USA
    Singers Tony Rice and Ronald Isley meet Hendrix to discuss him joining the Isley Brothers' band. The house band doesn't let Hendrix sit in, so arrangements are made for a later audition.
    February 1964
    London, England. ‘The Detours’ change their name to ‘the Who’. Later that month under the influence of their ‘Mod’ manager, they change their name to the ‘High Numbers’ [slang for the “coolest” not to mention the obvious drug connotations]
    Saturday 1 February 1964
    The Beatles finally enter the Billboard LP chart at 92 with the Capitol LP Meet The Beatles
    08 Febuary 1964 Edmonton, Regal Theatre (2 shows)
    Rolling Stones’ 2nd headlining tour
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