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Thread: 1964-01-30 ? Palm Cafe, Harlem, NYC

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    1964-01-30 ? Palm Cafe, Harlem, NYC

    End of January 1964
    New York City, Palm Cafe, Harlem, NY.

    Singers Tony Rice and Ronald Isley meet Hendrix to discuss him joining the Isley Brothers' band. The house band doesn't let Hendrix sit in, so arrangements are made for a later audition.

    Faye Pridgon: “Then we used to go to Palm’s Cafe, and-uh, places like Small’s, The Spotlight, ‘n’ places ‘round 125th Street, in the Harlem scene, you know. And-uhm, he’d tell them he wanted to sit in, right? And these old, fuddy-duddy, rough-dried, ain’t never beens, you know, they ain’t gonna him a break. So, like they just-ah, act like they don’t even know that he’s there? And, ah, you know, he’d sit there with this, kind of, look on his face for a few minutes, you know, an’ he says, ‘I’m gonna speak to ‘em again,” you know, an’ I say, ‘Hey, don’t say nothin’ to those cats, you know, ‘cause its obvious they don’t want you, you know, to play.’ Finally they would let him come in, you know, and play and then they’d get up and really just mess up so bad behind him it was incredible, you know. And he’d be lookin’ all disgusted on the stage and he’d keep lookin’ back at ‘em and then the, the other guys ‘d come and tell him he’s got to turn it down, you know. Takin’ him through all kind of changes... He was a star when he was there and they knew it. That’s why they didn’t want him to come out and plunk the guitar with his teeth and that’s why they didn’t want him to shake his long process and come near the edge of the stage and lick his tongue at the girls – because they would all scream.”

    Ronnie Isley : “We were at Palms Café close to the Apollo, talking to a friend of ours, Tony Rice. I told him we were looking for a guitar player and he started telling me about this guy who had just come in on the bus and he was living at the Hotel Theresa. Tony said the kid was the best, and that he played a right-handed guitar with his left hand, he tells me the guy’s name is Jimmy Hendrix. Tony said Jimmy had Saturday night in with the Palms band one night and had killed everybody, so we made a date to meet him and hear him…The night we met Jimmy, Tony went up to the bandstand and asked if Jimmy could sit in, but the guy’s in the band didn’t want to let him on. They said he plays too loud, and I knew it was jealousy. So I said to Jimmy ‘Come out to my home at the weekend’. We were living at Teaneck and the band had rented a house at Englewood. Jimmy come over and I went out and bought him new strings, so he could have a whole set. We played some of our tunes. He knew them all from our records, and we hired him that afternoon.”

    Jimi: “…and then I got. Isley Brothers asked - you know, The Isley Brothers, the ones with Twist And Shout - asked would I like to-uhm play with them…”
    [Interview with Klas Burling Stockholm 25 May 1967.]

    February 1964
    London, England. ‘The Detours’ change their name to ‘the Who’. Later that month under the influence of their ‘Mod’ manager, they change their name to the ‘High Numbers’ [slang for the “coolest” not to mention the obvious drug connotations]

    Saturday 1 February 1964
    The Beatles finally enter the Billboard LP chart at 92 with the Capitol LP Meet The Beatles
    08 Febuary 1964 Edmonton, Regal Theatre (2 shows), UK
    Rolling Stones’ 2nd headlining tour.
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