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Thread: 1968-02-26 Reprise release Up From The Skies b/w One Rainy Wish

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    1968-02-26 Reprise release Up From The Skies b/w One Rainy Wish

    The most likely release date for this single is Monday the 26th February 1968.

    From Billboard [from the Archive Research Manager]..........................
    Up From The Skies entered the charts at #94, as shown in the BB issue 03-16-1968 and peaked at #82 as shown in issue 03-30-1968.

    stplsd [correctly] points out that the dating of the chart releases are WEEK ENDING.

    So in this instance the 03-16-68 issue was issued the previous week, 9th March and as it was a printed issue would have been "set" the previous day, the 8th March. This allowing just short of a fortnight to allow sufficient sales for the single to register on Billboards charts.
    While by no means does the detail from Billboard accurately date the release date for any single [this case included] it does allow for a reasonable accurate guess.

    Until some really firm evidence comes to light then there is no reason to alter the long established release date in this instance.

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    Re: 1968-02-26 Reprise release Up From The Skies b/w One Rainy Wish

    See for images. Includes an image of a promo 45 of this single.
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    Re: 1968-02-26 Reprise release Up From The Skies b/w One Rainy Wish

    Monday 26 February 1968
    Reprise release Up From The Skies b/w One Rainy Wish
    The usual album track promotion for the US LP release, basically a formality. Something to do with the way Billboard formatted their LP charts in those days, if you had a single off it, the LP could stay in the chart longer, or make a reappearance after dropping out, or something like that, or the other way round, can’t remember - yawn. Also tied in with JHE 1st US tour, proper. So giving it a extra publicity and a little vice versa, JHE did actually make attempts to play 'Up From The Skies' in concert a couple of times at least.
    The dating in (the excellent) Electric Gypsy appears to have been taken from Variety and the usual US release day, Monday at the time. Who knows? Variety mag is good enought for me.
    It certainly wasn't a fast seller, just as with AYE most fans would just buy the LP.
    UFTS wasn’t advertised in Billboard; I haven't seen an advert for it yet, anyone? ‘Cash Box’ or ‘Variety’ maybe? Some undergound/ teen pop mag or whatever? Seems unlikely it was advertised, bar these 2 “reviews”? But then, what aboutRecord World? It is claimed it was seen by many at the time as being a superior read to BB. Anyone in the US?

    We first have the Billboard review, announcing its arrival (Friday 23 Feb.); 26th - 45 ‘officially’ released; 28th Variety review; the following week (Friday 1 March) in Billboard it is listed as a "regional breakout" in Dallas & Ft. Worth (effect of their gigs played there only 9/10 days previous to the 26th?. The previous JHE 45 ‘Foxey Lady’ had also sold well in San Antonio TX, according to the local ‘Express & News’ pop chart), it also enters the Cash Box ‘Looking Ahead’ chart @ 42 (it never entered its Top 100 Pop Chart though); the next week (Friday 9 March) it has its first listing on the 'Billboard Hot 100' pop chart @ 94 (no bullet), but it’s up to 25 on the Cash Box ‘Looking Ahead’ chart. Friday 15, still @ 94 (no bullet) in BB, yet down to 31 in Cash Box LA chart; Friday 22 leaps to 82 (with bullet) in BB and up to 19! in CB LA chart - I would suggest this short sales blip was due to the 2 month "The British Are Coming" tour (H. Hopper's, "Nightmare tour") accumulatively taking effect.
    29th, stalled in BB @ 82 (no bullet - as the tour began to slow down), but strangely up to 10 in CBLA!; 5 April it had plummeted in BB to 115 'bubbling under' (tour ended 6 April, White Plains NY). Strangely up to 9 in CBLA! (looks like someone was slipping a Chuck-D type fixer some green, or they were cheaper to bribe than BB - that was the last entry in both charts anyway.

    Friday 23 February (2 March) 1968
    BILLBOARD (page 4) Highlights of the week in Billboard 'Record Reviews’ Singles Reviews . . . . 58
    (Page 58) ‘Spotlight Singles’
    Spotlighting new singles deserving special attention of programmers and dealers.
    JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEUp From The Skies (Sea-Lark, Ent., BMI).
    (Prod. Chas. Chandler) (Writer: Hendrix)—Following his “Foxey Lady” is an infectious dance rocker with commercial gimmick sounds and good lyric line. Reprise 0665.
    Note: Reprise didn’t bother advertising this single in Billboard.
    (Page 68) ‘Top Lp’s’
    9 (15) Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced? R 6261 (M) RS 6261 (S);
    4 (24) Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis: Bold As Love Reprise (no mono) RS 6281 (S)
    75 (75) Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight - Get That Feeling – Capitol T 2856 (M) ST 2856 (S)

    Wednesday 28 February 1968
    VARIETY (weekly), page?. ‘Top Singles Of The Week’ (The 'Best Bets' of This Week's 100-Plus Releases)
    * * *
    (Reprise) (One Rainy Wish)
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Up From the Skies" (Sea-Lark) scores heavily as a rock conception that's on the way toward top chart status. "One Rainy Wish" (Sea-Lark) could receive spins.
    * * *
    (Page 46) ‘Variety Album Bestsellers’ (A National Survey of Key Outlets)
    This Last No.
    Wk Wk Wk’s
    4 6 3 JIMI HENDRIX Experience (Reprise)
    Axis: Bold As Love (R6281)
    39 28 24 JIMI HENDRIX Experience (Reprise)
    Are You Experienced (R6251)
    (Page?). . . Robin Semour, "Swingin' Time" host on CKLW-TV, has lined up guest artists... Jimi Hendrix [not! it’s ‘Jim Hendricks’ Ed.], The Cowsills, The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Chad & Jeremy, The American Breed, John Fred & His Playboy Band [...]

    Richard “Tony” D’Antonio was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Cash Box magazine Chart Director, Kevin Hughes on March 9, 1989. Prosecutors maintained that Hughes was shot and killed because he was attempting to clean a crooked business practice. D’Antonio had worked with Chuck Dixon, a record promoter and former Cash Box employee who died in 2001. According to testimonies, Dixon was angered that Hughes attempted to halt a scheme that allowed promoters and artists to pay Dixon for a position on the Cash Box chart. During a trial in September 2003, witnesses testified that D’Antonio collected bribes up to $2,000 to make sure a single charted.

    New to me - Anyone know where/how we can access Record World back issues, seems they were the (3rd) major US trade mag at the time, some think it superior to BB?
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