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Thread: Short silent video from Zappa and Jimi exists

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    Short silent video from Zappa and Jimi exists

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    Re: Short silent video from Zappa and Jimi exists

    30 sec. of Frank and Jimi silently shaking hands is cool - but if true, this one would be the real thing:

    Securing Frank Zappa’s Vault
    by Larson Sutton on March 15, 2017

    Still, the real fun is in discovering and releasing the music. Ahmet and Travers view themselves as archaeologists, unearthing history one tape at a time, down to the fingerprint . “When we transfer the tape, we’re looking to see if Frank left any touch points,” explains Ahmet, “to see if he took anything from that tape.”

    As with most archaeologists, they have their quests. Some are rooted in mythology and legend; others are grounded in fact. Somewhere in the endless stacks, Ahmet says— and Travers believes—is their Holy Grail. Somewhere in one of those cardboard boxes is a tape of Frank playing with Jimi Hendrix at the house.

    “I talked to Frank and Gail about that day. I was like, ‘Frank and Jimi were just jamming, and they recorded that?’” says Ahmet. “We found [a tape of ] Eric Clapton and Frank just jamming. I would imagine that the Jimi Hendrix recording is the same way.”

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