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Thread: 1969-09-XX (08-XX?), Hit Factory, New York City

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    1969-09-XX (08-XX?), Hit Factory, New York City

    August/September? 1969
    New York City, Hit Factory, NY. GSR

    Producer: Jimi Hendrix
    Engineer: Eddie Kramer
    2nd engineer Joey Zagarino

    Freedom (29)

    Friday 24 October (1 Nov.) 1969
    BILLBOARD (page 21) Best selling Tape Cartridges
    10 08 (9) Smash Hits Jimi Hendrix Experience (Reprise)
    (Page 26) Talent
    From The Music Capitals of the World’
    "The Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits" has been given gold record status by the RIAA.
    The LP accounted for one third of the total sales of Warners-Reprise greatest hits campaign. . . .
    (Page 38) Soul
    ‘Best Selling Soul LP’s’
    24 22 (11) Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Reprise MS 2025 (S)
    (Page 70) Gospel
    ‘Selling Sounds’
    THE HIT FACTORY, INC., New York-(212) 581-9590
    • Recordings at THE HIT FACTORY in recent months:
    B.B. King (last album and a forthcoming one). Paul Butterfield (forthcoming album). The Band (most recent album). The Iron Butterfly (currently in the top 10 on the charts). The James Gang (most recent album). Jimi Hendrix (forthcoming album). Chris Farlowe (forthcoming single). Miriam Makeba (most recent album). Arlo Guthrie (most recent album). John Sebastian (most recent album). Lorraine Ellison (most recent album). The GTO Pontiac Commercial (currently on the air). Ian and Sylvia. Engineers currently working with us are Joe Zagarino, Eddie Youngblood and Art Polhemus.
    (Page 78) Canadian News Report
    Canada’s Top Albums
    15 18 (11) Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Reprise MS 2025 (S)
    (Page 86) Top LP’s
    15 bullet29 (9) Soundtrack—Easy Rider Dunhill DSX 50063 (S)
    24 15 (14) Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Reprise MS 2025 (S)
    (Page 88) Top LP’s
    Off chart Rubber Band—Jimi Hendrix Song Book GRT 10007 (S)
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